Halo Infinite Will Feature Battle Passes, Not Loot Boxes

Microsoft recently revealed a new trailer and lot of information about the free-to-play multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite at its E3 presentation on Sunday. Developer 343 Industries also confirmed that Infinite will not feature any loot boxes or other randomized item drops, which was something that was criticized by players in Halo 5. Rather than granting players with new gear to equip to their Spartans in multiplayer randomly, the game will instead focus on giving out new items via gameplay, and as expected from a free-to-play game, Infinite will feature battle passes.

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Credit: Microsoft/ 343 Industries

In a new video by 343 Industries released today, the developers of Halo Infinite shared more details on how customization will work. The studio said that it's looking to approach armor customization from a "player first" perspective, so that means no random loots. "It's very important to us that everyone understands exactly how they unlock customization content, " said Ryan Paradis, the Live Design Director of Halo Infinite.

Just like many multiplayer shooters in recent years, Halo Infinite will feature battle passes that will allow players to unlock in-game content, but the way 343 Industries is approaching the system is different. The battle passes will never expire, so there's no set window in which you can put your progression towards a certain pass. New passes will arrive with the start of each new season, but players can still purchase previous battle passes, and you can determine which battle pass you want to progress on.

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This system sounds a lot better than Halo 5's loot system. It sounds like the developers are listening to what players want, and it's good to see that they're doing their best to give us the best multiplayer experience in Halo Infinite.

You can watch the official Halo Infinite multiplayer trailer below:

Halo Infinite is set to release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, and while there's no official release date yet, it's expected to release this holiday season.

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