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Gran Turismo Movie Finally Releases Its Official Trailer

Sony Pictures has finally released the official trailer for the film adaptation of the hit video game Gran Turismo. The preview gave us a glimpse of its long-awaited jump to the big screen which promises a lot of exciting racing sequences just like the experience of playing the game.

However, unlike most video game adaptations, this is going to be based on a true story as it centers on a teenage Gran Turismo player who ended up becoming a professional racecar driver himself.

This is certainly a unique way to adapt a video game since the source material doesn't have any plot. It sounds like they found the right formula by adapting the game into a film while also telling an inspiring true story that the audience might resonate with it.

You can check the trailer here:

Based on what we've seen here, the film looks promising as it has an impression that they shot the racing sequences practically. It is also an inspiring underdog story that has the potential to easily win the audience and there is a hint here that it will be a feel-good movie.

While it is an adaptation of a video game, it doesn't have the impression that it is based on one as it simply looks like a racecar movie, and the game was only mentioned through dialogues and scenes of the main character playing it.

The synopsis reads: "Based on the true story of Jann Mardenborough, the film is the ultimate wish fulfillment tale of a teenage Gran Turismo player whose gaming skills won a series of Nissan competitions to become an actual professional racecar driver."

The cast includes David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, Archie Madekwe, Darren Barnet, Geri Halliwell Horner, Thomas Kretschmann, and Djimon Hounsou. Neil Blomkamp directed the film while Jason Hall and Zach Baylin wrote the screenplay.

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Gran Turismo is set to release in theaters this August 11.

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