Gossip Girl Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Are You Ready For the Return of Georgina Sparks?

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A new Gossip Girl Season 2 teaser suggests Georgina Sparks' return. The Gossip Girl reboot, an extension and standalone sequel to the phenomenally popular CW series of the same name, premiered on HBO Max in July 2021, with Season 1, part 2, arriving in November.

During the show's freshman run, showrunner Joshua Safran made it clear that none of the primary characters from the original series will appear in the revival.

Although they were explicitly mentioned, characters like Blair, Serena, and Dan never appeared on the show. Veteran characters from the original Gossip Girl made some major cameos in the remake, including Dorota, Cyrus, Eleanor, and Vanya.


However, the Gossip Girl reboot's introduction of Milo Sparks, Georgina Sparks' 10-year-old son, as Zoya's ally against Julien was the most obvious reference to the original series.

It appears that Milo's mother is probably returning to the Upper East Side as well.

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Will we see Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl Season 2?

The reboot of Gossip Girl has released a new teaser for the upcoming season, which teases the return of Michelle Trachtenberg's Georgina. The latest drop shows someone who resembles Georgina sitting alone in the audience, silently clapping, as the teaser cautions, "It only takes one spark... to start a fire."

At the moment, no further details about her role in Gossip Girl Season 2 have been revealed.

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Georgina Sparks’ pivotal character in Gossip Girl

The evil socialite Georgina is regarded as Gossip Girl's best antagonist because of her brilliant intelligence and heinous cruelty. Throughout the first season of the show, Georgina causes chaos in Serena's life and puts herself in perilous circumstances. However, as Gossip Girl develops, Georgina ultimately wins over the Upper East Side and joins the core inner circle.

In Gossip Girl Season 4, Georgina gave birth to her baby Milo. Subsequently, in the series finale, she starts dating Jack Bass. Milo hasn't brought up his step-father, thus it now appears that Bass and Georgina have gotten divorced. Instead, there were merely a number of photos of Georgina with well-known men at his home.

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We have yet to hear about an official release date for Gossip Girl Season 2, but it's likely that it will premiere toward the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.