Good Bones Season 7 Release Date, News & Update: Mina & Karen Deal With New Challenges of Changing Real Estate Market

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Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine are returning to HGTV. Good Bones Season 7 will premiere on July 12. The next season will consist of 14 episodes, all of which will be accessible to watch on Discovery+.

Mina, a real estate agent and mother of two, and her mother Karen, a lawyer, star in the show. It follows the pair as they purchase and rehabilitate run-down residences in Indianapolis.

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Good Bones Season 7 will be ‘unique'

Good Bones Season 7 will be unlike any other, according to Mina.

“It’s just going to be a unique season because the majority of it, if not all of it, happened during COVID. So, it’s just been this really weird dance of all the regular stuff that comes up in construction,” she told in an interview earlier this year.

“And again, I’m not sure how they’ll edit it, but we were shut down for a while because of the pandemic and filming was limited and supplies are still so limited.”

Fans will witness “a lot more layers to the drama than there has been in any previous season.” Mina said. “I’ll be interested to see how that plays out in editing when everyone else sees it.”

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Good Bones Season 7 will show new challenges for Karen & Mina


Mina is focused on expanding her and her mother's home renovation business in the new season of Good Bones.

With the real estate market in flux, the couple ventures into new neighborhoods and undertakes client renovation projects. They also undertake their first commercial renovation when they assist a fellow female entrepreneur whose bridal shop is relocating.

Karen and Mina return to the Fountain Square neighborhood in Good Bones Season 7 to transform a charming – but pricey – cottage-style home. To make it profitable, they'll need to add modern amenities without sacrificing the vintage charm that will appeal to buyers.

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Fans can also look forward to the HGTV star's new spinoff series, Good Bones: Risky Business, in addition to fresh episodes of Good Bones Season 7.

Mina will be followed as she embarks on a big solo project: rebuilding a historic property and its associated carriage house, which was unveiled last summer. It will launch in the summer of 2022 and will be available exclusively on Discovery+.