Gal Gadot Gives Promising Update on Wonder Woman 3

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After the release of Wonder Woman 1984, a third installment was immediately given a greenlight continuing Diana Prince's action-packed journey in the DCEU. While the exact plot details and information surrounding the follow-up film are still under wraps, we do get a promising update about the latest development on the project.

In an interview with InStyle, Gal Gadot was asked about the latest update on Wonder Woman 3 to which she gave a promising response. She said, "We're developing the script right now. We'll probably start in a year and a half or so."


It might be a little update, but it is great to hear an assurance that they are actively working on the film and they might start filming by next year. It does give us an idea about where the development of the film is now and the timeline on when they are going to finally head into production.

With the report some time ago that director Patty Jenkins took a pause on working at Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, it allowed her more time to concentrate on Wonder Woman 3 and it does show that this is probably the project that she is committed to right now. This update should excite fans who have been looking forward to seeing the next installment.

However, Wonder Woman 1984 received mixed reactions from fans and critics so there might be some who might not be excited about the third film. Recently, there are rumors that Jason Momoa's Aquaman will show up and it will feature the Kingdom of Atlantis. It still remains unknown if it's true. We should find out more details about the film as it is getting closer to production.

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There is no release date set yet for Wonder Woman 3, but given that filming might start by next year, it might get released as early as 2024.