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Futurama Producer Claims New Season Will Have Controversial Episodes

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Credit: Hulu

Ever since its inception, Futurama has been no stranger to satirizing current events and issues despite its futuristic setting and it is certainly one of the reasons why the series remains as beloved as it is today.

With the new season coming, fans are wondering whether the series will continue its usual schtick, especially nowadays with the rise of technology, artificial intelligence, and other major trends in our society.

Knowing what the series is, it won't be surprising at this point if they'll tackle the events that we faced in the past few years and perhaps that was one of the reasons why they decide to revive it.

Fortunately, it looks like that is indeed going to be the case based on the recent comments from one of its producers.

The New Season of Futurama Will Feature Controversial Episodes

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Credit: Hulu

In an interview with SFX Magazine (via The Direct), Futurama producer Claudia Katz revealed that the upcoming new season will continue to satirize the current trends and teased that it will feature a couple of controversial episodes.

She hinted that the season will tackle the COVID-19 pandemic (in a 3023 setting), cancel culture, and the recent trends of Bitcoin and NFT.

"We have a vaccine episode. We’ve finally conquered COVID-19 in 3023, so that’s a very fun exploration of the science, vaccines, and just a commentary on that whole situation," she said.

"There’s a fun Bitcoin episode. And we have an NFT episode which, of course, no one understands, which is sort of the joke. And one of my favourite episodes of the season involves one of our cast members being cancelled for their behaviour, so that’s pretty fantastic."

This is certainly an exciting tease for the new season since it sounds like it will pretty much remain the same and it helps that the writers from the previous seasons are also returning so we can expect a similar quality.

It is interesting to see how they will tackle the current events from a futuristic perspective and how comedic it will be. For now, we can give them the benefit of the doubt that they'll be able to pull off the exploration of the issues.

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The eleventh season of Futurama will premiere on Hulu this Monday, July 24.

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