Fortnite Players Can Watch The Exclusive Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Clip in The Game

Epic Games has officially revealed the Dragon Ball crossover event that launches in Fortnite today, Aug. 16. The details were revealed in a short trailer, a gameplay video (which was the basis of Monday's fairly extensive leak), and a detailed blog post, in which Epic confirmed that Son Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Bulma have arrived in the battle royale game as skins. They bring a host of activities with them, both within and without the game's battle royale mode.

Dragon Ball Super
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Dragon Ball Super

In addition to the new skins, the event also lets players watch an exclusive English dub clip from the feature film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which hits U.S. theaters on Aug. 19. Players can watch this clip within the game. Twitter outlet @DBSChronicles shared a look at the screen in the game where players can watch it, and as you can see below, it features Piccolo vs. Gamma 2.

Players can also find Bounty Boards around the island for the duration of the Dragon Ball event, and if two players interact with these boards, they'll be revealed on each other's maps and given five minutes to find each other, defeat their enemy and claim victory.

Additionally, new Dragon Ball-themed items will fall from the sky onto the map in increasing numbers as the storm closes. The Nimbus Cloud lets you fly around the island, while the iconic Kamehameha allows you to unleash Goku's energy beam on your enemies. You can also find Bulma in the Kame house on a very small island off the mainland, where you can talk to her and exchange Bars for powerful items.

On Aug. 18, there will be Tournament of Power event, a duos tournament that will take place on Aug. 18 in a three-hour window. This is the only competitive playlist in which players will be able to use the Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha items.

There will also be a cruise ship that will host a Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival, where players can watch six episodes from the Dragon Ball Super anime series. Starting Aug. 19, the game will add Dragon Ball Adventure Island, a sort of Dragon Ball theme park with familiar locations, activities, and a PvP battle arena.

Both the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival and Adventure Island will remain available until Sep. 17.

Watch the trailer for Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover event below:

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You can read more details about the movie in everything we know about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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