Fortnite Confirms Highly Anticipated Dragon Ball Crossover

Dragon Ball Fortnite Goku

Dragon Ball Fortnite Goku

After several leaks over the past couple of weeks, Epic Games has finally confirmed the Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover.

This isn’t the first Fortnite collab with a popular anime, but it is one of the most anticipated by fans. After all, Dragon Ball is among the most beloved shonen anime series of all time.

The announcement of the collab was made via a post on the Fortnite official Twitter account. The post features a teaser image of Shenron, and its caption reads “Name your wish…8.16.2022.”

Aside from the August 16 date, which is likely when the crossover will be released, there’s no official info yet regarding the upcoming crossover.

Based on the previous Naruto collab from last year, it is expected that the Dragon Ball crossover will feature skins based on the series’ characters, along with a wealth of in-game items and missions.

While we’ll have to wait for a couple of days before the crossover is fully released, Epic Games is already teasing the collaboration within Fortnite as the game’s lobby background has changed to this:

This should probably be a familiar sight to Dragon Ball fans. In case you need a refresher, this is Kame House, the home of Master Roshi.

Details have not been announced yet, but if the recent leaks are accurate, the crossover will feature a “Stamina” item that will alter a player’s movement when used. This item might take the form of capsules from the Dragon Ball series.

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Other leaks have also mentioned that the crossover will feature an emote that turns a player’s skin into a Super Saiyan. There have also been reports of the Kamehameha being added to the game as an ability or a mythic weapon.

Whatever the case may be, the Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover is shaping up to be a big team-up between two massively popular IPs.

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