Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Reportedly Be Split Into Two Parts

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Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake has every PS4 owner alive screaming for joy, now that there will be new details coming out next month. Those details still aren't known to us but a big leak came out recently, with a lot of enticing information that has a lot of us drooling. Granted, this is a leak from Reddit, which means that fans should take it with a grain of salt, but it's always fun to speculate.

Well, if this report is true, then it seems like the remake won't be as episodic as we thought. While Square Enix did confirm that this would be a multi-part game, if this leak is correct then it will only be two parts. Most of us thought that it would be three parts since the original game was split into three discs but if the leak is true, then it will only take two.


For clarity's sake, the second part will be more of a sequel rather than a continuation of the story like in the older PSOne game. It will be interesting to see where this game is split, with the leak claiming that the first part will end with Aerith's death (spoilers?). That's a great way to end the first part if we're being honest.

New details on the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be revealed in June, possibly at E3.

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