Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Have Entirely New Areas Not in the Original

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It's a good thing that most of the Coronavirus lockdowns take place in March since it means that most gamers will be able to pick up Final Fantasy VII Remake when it hits game stores on April 10. While physical collectors will likely wait a few days before going to a game store, it's still going to be quite the occasion for those that will be able to play the game when it comes out.

While most of the screenshots and trailers have shown us redone environments from the original game, co-director Tetsuya Nomura revealed during the Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake video that there will be brand-new environments exclusive to this game. According to Nomura, we will be able to see the upper-class section of Midgar, something that has always been hinted at but never shown.

"You travel through the slums [in the original game] quite a lot. But it didn't really feel like we used the upper city all that much, and I thought we should have done that. Of course, you do go back to Midgar later and see some different scenes there, but I felt it would be nice if we could see more of the upper layer in the earlier part of the story."

Nomura confirmed that Cloud and his pals will be able to check out the upper part of the city where all of the privileged peeps are. This is huge news since the original game only ever showed the slums of Midgar, which were memorable sure but you could tell that something was missing from the worldbuilding. Granted, the story was about the people who had to fight for the privilege but that's an argument for another day.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming out on April 10 for the PS4 and won't be coming to other gaming systems until after April 2021.

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