Final Fantasy VII Remake is Getting a Classic Mode That Makes Battles Turn-Based

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Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake looks like everything we could ever want from a remake, with dazzling graphics, updated character designs, and a fun-looking combat system. However, there are fans who don't like the new Kingdom Hearts-Esque fighting engine and would rather the game have a turn-based battle system as the original game did. It seems like Square Enix was listening since they announced a new combat mode called Classic Mode that makes fighting more like the original PlayStation classic.

Apparently, the Classic Mode battle system will have players controlling the characters via commands. Cloud and the others will fill the ATB (Active Time Battle) by themselves so the players only have to worry about giving these characters commands. This seems less like the classic Final Fantasy VII battle system and more like the one from Final Fantasy XII, which isn't a bad thing.

If anything, this might give players a reason to replay the game after they've beaten it once with the regular battle system. Longevity is something fans are seeking with their video games these days, trying to find ways to not sell their game right away, so something like this "classic" mode will help. Pretty sure I'll be checking it out.

There are fans divided on this, with some just wanting the action system and others more than fine with the turn-based battles. Personally, I'm just glad that the developers are giving fans a lot of options, which is something more games need to do.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming out on March 3, 2020, for the PlayStation 4.

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