Epic Games Asks for Temporary Restraining Order on Apple in Ongoing Fortnite Lawsuit

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The ongoing lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple (along with Google) reaches another dramatic chapter as the iOS owners have told the creators of Fortnite that their access to iOS and Mac tools will be terminated on August 28. This is obviously a big deal if they want to keep updating the hit free-to-play game on these platforms, which continues to have a long-lasting and vocal fanbase. As a response, Epic Games now want a temporary restraining order on Apple, even though they're confident in winning.

Epic Games wants to have its cake and eat it too by wanting Apple to stop "removing, de-listing, refusing to list or otherwise making unavailable Fortnite, and Fortnite updates," in the App Store, while also having the option to get direct payment from fans so that Apple doesn't get any of the money. That's obviously asking for a lot and though Apple is the clear-cut bad guys to many since they take too much money from developers, Epic Games aren't innocent either.

"Apple's retaliation represents an existential threat to Epic's Unreal Engine. OS providers like Apple routinely make certain software and developer tools available to software developers, for free or a small fee, to enable the development of software that will run on the OS. Apple intends to deny Epic access to that widely available material."

We're still waiting to see how this lawsuit goes, with many only rooting for Epic Games because it might mean changes for other video games that appear on the App Store. Still, that doesn't make Epic Games the good guy since the company is guilty of using crunch culture and isn't exactly an underdog when they make billions of dollars from V-Bucks alone. They are the lesser evil though.


Fortnite is now available on every gaming system not made by Apple.

Via PC Gamer

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