Ellen DeGeneres Shock: Insider Questions Timing of Greyson Chance’s Complaints After Singer Revealed He Suffered From PTSD Due to the Comedian

Credit: The Ellen Show/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Ellen Show/YouTube Screenshot

Ellen DeGeneres was once dubbed a mean girl and a bully by some of her staffers on the Ellen Show. At the time, some celebrities also came forward to make similar allegations against the comedian. Now, her former protegee, Greyson Chance, is claiming that he struggled so much while he was in DeGeneres’ hands.

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Is The Timing Of Greyson Chance’s Interview Suspicious?

However, an insider close to Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t help but question the timing of Greyson Chance’s allegations. After all, his interview with Rolling Stone about the comedian came out on the same day as his new album Palladium.

According to Chance, DeGeneres promised to protect him and help him with his career. But in 2010, his tour schedule kept on changing because of the funny woman. The singer claimed that DeGeneres made last-minute changes to his tour schedule without informing him beforehand.

And while he was opening for Miranda Cosgrove years ago, DeGeneres asked him to watch an advance copy of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never documentary. And when he didn’t, DeGeneres allegedly became upset. She also lashed out at Chance’s mom on the phone.

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Greyson Chance Claimed Ellen DeGeneres Had A Habit Of Shouting, Berating Staff Members

It was at this moment that Chance realized that DeGeneres was just using him as a pawn in her game. But this isn’t all. The singer also alleged that DeGeneres had the tendency to shout and berate staff members.

“She would come in and look at a rack, yell at stylists, berate people in front of me and say, ‘This is what you’re wearing on the show.’ She was just degrading to people,” he said.

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Greyson Chance Claimed He Faked His Demeanor During His Ellen Show Appearances

In 2012, DeGeneres officially dropped Chance from her management after noticing a huge drop in the sales of his album. Still, the “Waiting Outside the Lines” singer continued to appear on a few episodes of the Ellen Show.

However, he said that being on the show was so awkward because DeGeneres would play nice and sweet on camera. But she barely spoke to him backstage.

“Whenever I would come on the show, it was such a fake smile. She wouldn’t even ask, ‘How are you doing? How are you holding up?’ It was just like, ‘Here’s what we’re going to talk about. We’ll see you on there.’ On stage, however, DeGeneres would say things like, “I’m just so proud of you,” he recounted.

And in 2019, Chance was shocked when DeGeneres hugged him and asked him how he was. He was taken aback by the question because DeGeneres was the one who bailed on him.

DeGeneres also once told Chance that she was proud of him for coming out. But the singer said the moment felt cheap. After all, DeGeneres had nothing to do with his decision to come out of the closet.

“[When I came out,] I hadn’t spoken to her in years. That’s so messed up, that you’re now showing the world as if we’re so tight, we’re so good. And behind the scenes, you are this insanely manipulative person. When I look at the interviews and I look at my eyes, I can see so much anxiety. I can just see so much PTSD because I’m there holding on for dear life going, ‘I need this TV gig.’ I was 100 percent faking it, and [I felt like] she [was] 100 percent faking it with me, too,” he said.

In the end, Chance acknowledged that part of his early success was due to the comedian. But since then, the singer has tried his best to make a name for himself.

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