Elden Ring Producer Reveals The Length of The Game

One of the most highly-anticipated video games of the year will be available next month, and that game is Elden Ring, one of FromSoftware's most ambitious titles yet. Now, the action RPG's producer has given us an idea how long it would take for players to beat the "main game".

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring

In a recorded presentation featured at the 2022 Taipei Game Show, Elden Ring producer Yasuhiro Kiatao said that the main story of FromSoftware's upcoming action RPG Elden Ring will take about 30 hours to complete—but players can put a lot more time than that into it if they want.

"This will differ significantly by player, but in terms of the targets set during development, the idea is that the main route should be able to be completed within around 30 hours," Kitao said when he was asked about the playtime. "The game as a whole is quite massive, and contains many dozens more hours worth of gameplay, but if we are talking about the main route only, it shouldn't take much longer than that."

That makes the game somewhat larger than FromSoftware's latest game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and on par with games from the studio, like Bloodborn and Dark Souls.

However, Kitao reminded fans that Elden Ring offers much more content than its main story, describing the action RPG as "quite massive, and contains many dozens more hours worth of gameplay.” Just like previous FromSoftware games, it's “technically it's impossible to reach 100 percent” of the game in a single playthrough, which means players will have to complete Elden Ring multiple times to fully explore the game's secrets in the vast open world.

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Elden Ring is set to release on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One on Feb. 25. For more details about Elden Ring, check out everything we know about the game here.

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