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Shueisha has been releasing new chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga series by artist Toyatarou and series creator Akira Toriyama monthly, and after Chapter 83 was released in April 2022, fans are excited to find out how the next chapter will continue the Granolah the Survivor saga with the release of Chapter 84 this month.

Bardock Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84
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Credit: Toei Animation
Bardock Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84

Granolah the Survivor saga is a revenge-driven story of the shonen series about Granolah, the lone survivor of the Cerealian race whose main goal is to kill Frieza and avenge the extermination of his race. After the conclusion of the Bardock vs. Gas flashback in last month's chapter, Chapter 84 is expected to return to the present and continue Goku's fight against Gas in Planet Cereal, and it looks like we will see the return of Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta!

If you want to know the latest information about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84, check out everything you need to know here:

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 Spoilers: Pride of the Warrior Race

Dragon Ball Super 84
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Credit: Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super 84

In the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super, readers get to see how Bardock defeated Gas of the villainous Heeter family 40 years ago. Thanks to the Saiyan's scouter that Monaito kept, Goku is able to discover what actually happened, and this memory of his father will likely have major implications in his present fight against the Strongest Warrior in the Universe.

It's also likely that Elec, the leader of the Heeters, will take of the "business matters" that he mentioned in previous chapters. Could it involve Frieza or the return of Cell?

The official Dragon Ball website shared the first drafts for Chapter 84, which reveals that it will be titled Pride of the Warrior Race. Twitter user @DbsChronicles shared an English translation of the first preview, which reveals Monaito giving Goku and Vegeta new wardrobes after Goku realizes what Saiyan pride is all about thanks to Bardock's memory.

Update: Shonen Jump shared a preview for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84, and it shows the conclusion of the flashback of Bardock 40 years ago, revealing his return from the intense battle vs. Gas. Goku reflects on the bravery of his father as he prepares to fight Gas.

Major spoilers have hit online, and you can read the details below thanks to Twitter user Mugiwara_23:

Oatmeel says the voice record that was in the Scouter has ended, and Goku is surprised with everything he has heard from his father, Bardock.

Monaito says Bardock left Planet Cerael as soon as he could move again, but left the Scouter behind.

Goku manages to remember some of the things he lived when he was in the liequid tank as a baby.

In those memories, we see how Bardock arrived wounded at his house from Planet Cereal and then we see how he left Planet Vegeta for other missions. Goku also has memories of his mother in her everyday life.

And Goku also remembers the moment when his parents took him out of the tank and sent him out of Planet Vegeta in a ship.

Goku tells Vegeta that he finally understands Saiyan's pride. But, on the other hand, when Goku remembered his father's face, he also remembered how he lacked faith in his own power.

Vegeta tells him that he too had lost sight of what's important. What they need to preserve is not the Saiyans' sins, but their pride.

Vegeta is angry because it was Goku's father who had to remind him of that, and Goku laughs.

Vegeta adds that he doesn't think it's fair how Goku and Raditz survived thanks to the Dragon Balls. Goku tells him that it's not his fault that Bardock made that wish.

Vegeta tells Goku that thanks to that wish he has been spoiled too much, and Goku tells him that Vegeta also spoils Bra. Vegeta angrily says that is totally different.

Monaito is happy to see that Bardock's will has been passed to Goku and Vegeta. He says too that race's pride is not for revenge, it's for accept one's true self. And it's the same for all races.

Monaito offers to heal them both before Gas arrives. But before that, he changes their clothes for Saiyan armors like Bardock's.

However, Goku and Vegeta are not comfortable with those armors. They prefer their normal clothes.

Gas arrives at Planet Ceral and lands in front of Monaito's house. He tells the Saiyans to get out.

Oil was watching the house in the forest and sees Gas' arrival. He informs about Gas's arrival to Elec and Maki, and Elec says they'll get close with the ship, but not very close because it's dangerous.

Heeter Force
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Credit: Shueisha
Heeter Force

Oil approaches Gas and asks how he is. Gas tells him that he already wasted too much time. Gas asks Oil to tell Elec that battle will be over soon.

Oil leaves telling Gas that he will wait for him with delicious race that he's going to prepare.

Goku and Vegeta leave the house. They are fully recovered (and they're weawring new normal clothes). Gas tells them that he thought they'd have run away.

Goku asks him to leave the planet, and Gas says they will do it when he kills both of them.

Vegeta says he wants to kill Gas at all costs and asks Goku what he plans to do. Goku answers he also wants to defeat Gas.

Vegeta says that they have no choice but to fight together, then they prepare to fight.

Goku says that he will be the one to defeat him first, and Vegeta says, "No, I'll do it."

Goku activates the perfect Ultra Instinct and Vegeta transforms to Ultra Ego.

Elec, Oil, and Maki see everything from the ship. Oil explains the transformations to Maki, but Maki tells him that she doesn't care about the names. She just wants to know if they're strong. Oil tells her Goku and Vegeta are strong.

Gas tells Goku and Vegeta that they're stupid because they still don't understand that he's at a level they won't be able to reach.

Goku tells him that he's the one who doesn't understand anything. Vegeta tells Gas that it doesn't matter if they win or lose, the important thing is they want to win.

Goku and Vegeta attack Gas. Goku tries to punch Gas, and Vegeta tries to kick him, but Gas blocks both attacks with his arms.

Goku now tries to kick him, but Gas dodges the attack. Vegeta then tries to punch Gas, but he does it as well.

Goku continues attacking Gas but he does all attacks. Vegeta jumps and tires to hit Gas while Goku holds him back, but Gas dodges both of them and Vegeta hits the ground.

Goku and Vegeta keep attacking him, and Gas stops his blows without problem but he looks a bit pressured.

Gas stops a punch from Vegeta and makes Vegeta hit himself. Gas then kicks Goku.

Goku and Vegeta get up quickly and attack Gas at the same time, and Gas barely stops the attack.

Gas unleashes a huge Ki blast, and Goku and Vegeta dodge it and they let out a "Kamehameha" and a "Galick Ho" against Gas.

Gas teleports behind them and hits Vegeta with a mace he manifested with his powers.

Then he tries to hit Goku with the mace but Goku dodges it. Gas gets tired, drops the mace and kicks Goku in the stomach.

Gas steps Goku's chest on the ground, and he's sick of them.

Ultra Ego Vegeta
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Credit: Shueisha
Ultra Ego Vegeta

Vegeta forms a large Ki ball and tells Goku to leave the area where Gas is. That ball is a technique of the Gods of Destruction, and if Goku touches the ball, he could disappear.

Goku sees that Gas is being distracted by Vegeta, and teleports. Vegeta fires the Ki ball and tells Gas to stop it if he really is the strongest warrior in the universe.

Gas forms a shield that stops the Ki ball, and Goku appears next to Vegeta and helps him to push the Ki ball. Gas's shield disintegrates.

Elec is a bit worried seeing those new transformations, but Oil confirms to him that they used the same transofrmations against Granolah too.

Elec says everything is fine then, since he made the wish after Gokua nd Vegeta lost to Granolah.

Elec also says Gas's universe is different from Granolah's. Maki is confused ot what he's talking about, Elec replies, "Just watch".

Gas starts to return the Ki ball to Goku and Vegeta, and he's pushing it without touching it.

Just when the ball is about to hit them, Vegeta walks away and leaves Goku alone trying to stop the Ki ball.

Vegeta goes for Gas, but Gas stops him and hits Vegeta several times in the stomach.

Gas wonders if they're crazy, thinking they can beat him. Then, Gas prepares to finish off Vegeta.

Goku manages to deflect the Ki ball towards the sky just before it reaches the city. He then goes to help Vegeta.

Vegeta manages to punch Gas hard in his face. Gas wonders what kind of technique he's using and how he manages to move despite his injuries.

Vegeta says that the damage he inflicted on him is like his fuel, and that in other words, he's getting stronger.

The end note says: "It is neither revenge nor atonement. Just with the deisre to win, Vegeta stands!"

When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 be released?

Dragon Ball Super 84
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Credit: Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super 84

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 is expected to release on Thursday, May 19 2022.

If this release date is correct, the English translations for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 should arrive online at the following times, but note that they may be released a few hours earlier:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on Thursday, May 19
  • Central Time: 11 AM on Thursday, May 19
  • Eastern Time: Noon on Thursday, May 19
  • British Time: 5 PM on Thursday, May 19

However, there's a chance that the latest Dragon Ball Super could release a few days earlier.

Where can I read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84?

Dragon Ball Super Goku
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Credit: Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Super Goku

Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump is the official source of the latest Dragon Ball Super chapters in Japan. The English translations of the manga series will be released on Viz Media.

You can also check out the latest chapters on the Shonen Jump Android and IOS apps. Just download this app from either the play store or app store, then search for "Dragon Ball Super 84". Shonen Jump usually gets the chapter instantly after the countdown ends while Viz Media might have a 5 minutes delay when it comes to a new chapter's release.

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