Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Spoilers: Goku's Conflict

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Shueisha and Viz Media have been releasing new chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga series by artist Toyatarou and series creator Akira Toriyama monthly, and after Chapter 80 was released in January 2022, fans are excited to find out how the next chapter will continue the Granolah the Survivor saga.

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Granolah the Survivor Saga is a revenge-driven story of Dragon Ball Super about Granolah, the lone survivor of the Cerealian race whose main goal is to kill Frieza and avenge the extermination of his race. The next chapter will continue the epic fight against Gas in Planet Cereal, and it looks like the powerful villain has unleashed his final form!

Here's everything you need to know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81, including spoilers, release date, and details on where to read the latest chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Spoilers: Goku's Conflict

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In the previous chapter, Gas is able to unleash two different forms during his fight with Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta. The first one is an uncontrollable rage form. After featuring a flashback with Gas's fight with Bardock 40 years ago, Gas is able to block Goku's hand, but his memories makes him lose his stability and Goku's punch hits him hard. Gas looks confused after remember Bardock.

His brother Elec shows up, flying over him, and he tells Gas to never lose again. Gas nods to his brother, and his body transforms again and he regains consciousness. This second transformation looks more controlled.

Gas returns to his adult form, his muscles decrease, but he keeps the horns on his forehead as well as a new suit (just like the old one). Elec says, "Good Gas. That's why you're the best little brother in the universe. Now, kill them". Gas looks at Elec and nods his head. He is now able to control his Berserk form.

On Feb. 14, the first preview for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 was released, giving us an early look at the draft pages of the opening scene while also revealing the title of the chapter: Goku's Conflict.

DBSChronicles shared the draft pages on Twitter:

The official Dragon Ball website also released a weekly video that reveals Gas breaking Granolah's arm while confirming that Goku is joining the battle between them.

On Feb. 17, major spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 have been revealed, and the chapter was released on Feb. 20.

The chapter begins with Gas increasing the gravity for Goku and Vegeta, making them unable to move.

Vegeta notes that if they don't relax their Ki, they'll be crushed by Gas's power.

Elec orders Gas to kill them both, but suddenly Granolah shows up behind him and prepares a powerful punch to attack him.

Granolah prepares to fire a sniper shot with his fingers, but Gas appears out of nowhere, and breaks Granolah's arms with a kick, then shoots both of his eyes and destroys them.

Elec grabs Granolah and thanks him for all the work he's done for him, and to repay, he'd kill him the same way he killed his mother, then fires the gun from behind.

Granolah falls into the river. Goku, Vegeta, and Monaito are shocked.

Goku tries to move his body, but he fails. Vegeta then gives all of his remaining energy to him. When asked why, he explains, "It's better than us falling together. Go get him!"

Gas thanks Elec for wishing him to have the greatest power in the universe, but Elec tells him that he did all of that for his "cute little brother".

Elec tells Gas to finish things quickly in Planet Cereal, as he has "another important" task for him to do.

As Gas turns around, Goku is in his Super Saiyan Blue (SSB) form, and he's ready to fight him. Gas is surprised to see him break free of his spell.

Goku, who's now angry, tries to calm himself down, takes a deep breath, and is now using Ultra Instinct properties with his Blue form (like he unleashed in Chapter 73).

Goku then offers Gas and the Heeters one last chance to leave Planet Cereal as he has no reason to fight them.

Gas notes that Goku looks calm, but not angry even after he killed his friend in front of his eyes. Goku replies, "I am angry. It's just that...those emotions are an obstacle to my technique". Gas doesn't understand what he means.

Elec tells Goku that there's no way he's letting him survive now that he knows their plans.

Gas then conjures a huge wall of spikes above Goku, and tries to crush him with it, but Goku is able to dodge. Gas begins to conjure numerous walls of spikes to crush Goku, but Goku is again able to dodge them all.

Gas then uses his psychic powers to use the Sugarians' houses to throw on Goku, but he dodges them all again.

As Goku sits to take a breath, out of nowhere, a train hits him from behind. Macki and Oil are fascinated to see Gas control such large things with his powers.

Goku gets on top of the train where Gas awaits him. "Show your full power, you son of the abominable Saiyan," says Gas.

Goku attacks Gas with continuous punches, but Gas dodges them all, and hits Goku with a hard punch to the gut.

The villain then grabs him by his neck and tells him that he doesn't see an ounce of fighting spirit left in Goku.

As Goku frees himself from Gas's grip, another train hits him from behind. It seems that the manga is paying homage to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 in this scene as Goku goes full Spider-Man with his moves.

Gas notes that Goku's father had a "remarkable determination" to fight, which he doesn't sense in him, then asks if he is really Bardock's son.

Goku tells him that he hit his head when he was little, so he doesn't remember anything about the Saiyans or his parents.

Gas says, "So do you even know who you are, do you? I can't lose to a guy like you."

Gas then throws Goku inside the river, and tells him that the Saiyan race is so fragile that Goku can't even breathe under water.

Goku fires a small Ki blast at Gas, but Gas gains control of that Ki blast, and redirects it at Goku, adding some of his own power, causing a huge explosion that splashes out all of the river's water.

Goku admits that he can't win against Gas, and thinks he's done for. Just then, Gas notices Monaito healing Granolah at the riverside.

Goku is happy to see Granolah alive, and Gas regrets not killing Monaito first since he had healing abilities.

Gas dashes to kill Monaito and Granolah once and for all, but Goku grabs on to him and teleports him and Gas to a nearby planet.

Meanwhile, Jaco is buying a vegetable and fixing the bulb of the vegetable seller in a different planet. Suddenly, Goku arrives there with Gas.

Jaco is shocked to see Goku, but Goku thanks him to be in a nearby planet which helped him teleport there.

Gas asks Goku which planet they're on, and Goku says he doesn't know it too, but it's the one that he couldn't have reached with his newfound teleportation skills.

Gas asks Goku if he still thinks he has a upper-hand in this match with his techniques, and Goku replies that it took him many years to master Instant Teleportation to do it with ease, and that he wouldn't understand this.

Jaco wonders if Goku is fighting yet another bad villain.

Both Goku and Gas exchange a few blows on the unknown planet, then Goku mocks Gas to make him follow him to another planet.

Jaco tells himself that Goku already has another nasty bad guy to fight, and that he'll pretend that he didn't see anything.

Both Goku and Gas teleport to a different planet (it's not revealed where they went), and the chapter concludes with the note: "Goku vs. Gas has finally begun! Will Goku be able to overcome the overwhelming difference in power..?!"

When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 be released?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81
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Credit: Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81

Update: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 was released on Sunday, Feb. 20.It's now available to read for free on Viz Media.

If this release time is correct, the English translations for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 should arrive online at the following times, but note that they may be released a few hours earlier:

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday, February 20
Central Time: 11 AM on Sunday, February 20
Eastern Time: Noon on Sunday, February 20
British Time: 5 PM on Sunday, February 20

Where can I read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81?

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Credit: Shueisha

Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump is the official source of the latest Dragon Ball Super chapters in Japan. The English translations of the manga series will be released on Viz Media.

You can also read the latest chapters on the Shonen Jump Android and IOS apps. Just download this app from either the play store or app store, then search for "Dragon Ball Super 81". Shonen Jump usually gets the chapter instantly after the countdown ends while VizMedia might have a 5 minutes delay when it comes to a new chapter's release.

Epicstream doesn't provide unofficial links and fan translations which might reveal the chapter early, but we encourage you to support the official release of the manga on the official publishers.

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