Does Subaru End Up With Rem or Emilia in Re:Zero?

Re:Zero Subaru End Up With Emilia

Re:Zero Subaru End Up With Emilia

One of the most popular isekai anime of recent years, Re:Zero follows the adventures of Subaru, a shut-in who is transported to a fantasy world where he bumps into Emilia, a Half Elf who seems to be fighting against the world to try and make it a better place.

Thanks to Subaru’s Return By Death, despite going through immense pain himself, he is able to become a loyal friend of Emilia’s.

By getting close to Emilia, Subaru also ends up spending a lot of time with Rem, a maid for Lord Roswaal who is also supporting Emilia’s quest. After spending time together, Rem develops strong feelings for Subaru.

Both characters hold a special place in Subaru’s life, but does Subaru end up choosing Rem or Emilia?

Who Does Subaru End Up With in Re:Zero?

Re:Zero Subaru and Emilia Kiss
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As of right now, no serious relationship has formed between Subaru and either Rem or Emilia. However, it looks most likely that Subaru and Emilia will end up together.

Early on in the series, Subaru makes it clear that he is in love with Emilia and will do anything for her happiness. While Emilia doesn’t exactly reciprocate those feelings at the beginning, after countless selfless acts, she slowly starts to feel more deeply for Subaru.

During Re:Zero season two, Emilia becomes more aware of her own feelings, and they eventually share a kiss. While their relationship hasn’t really progressed beyond that point yet, it feels like the story is moving towards the two of them being together.

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Why Did Subaru Choose Emilia over Rem?

Re:Zero Rem in love with Subaru
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At first, Subaru choosing Emilia seems the obvious choice. It’s Emilia that he first falls in love with and her that he’s dedicated his life towards helping. However, as the show went on and his relationship with Rem deepened, the choice became less obvious.

One of the most memorable moments of season one is the episode ‘From Zero’. At the beginning of this episode, it looks like Subaru has chosen a peaceful life with Rem rather than the constant pain caused by being around Emilia, where death seems to follow around every corner.

However, Rem then delivers a heartfelt confession of her feelings which, at the same time, inspires Subaru to overcome his pain and return to Emilia. A truly selfless moment by everyone’s much-loved maid.

Does Emilia Love Subaru?

Re:Zero Emilia in love with Subaru
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It is not clear whether Emilia truly loves Subaru, but she definitely has feelings for him.

Emilia’s feelings towards Subaru are very difficult to understand, which makes their relationship entertaining to watch. It isn’t because Emilia is trying to be secret - she genuinely seems oblivious to how she feels, or what her feelings mean.

Emilia has very little experience with relationships before Subaru, and her approach to such things is quite childish. For example, there is a moment after she kisses Subaru where she assumes that she’s now pregnant; apparently, that’s something Puck told her to keep her away from boys.

With that in mind, it’s likely that Emilia does feel love for Subaru. However, she doesn’t understand those feelings enough to act upon them.

Do Rem and Subaru Get Married?

Re:Zero Subaru and Rem together
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This might sound crazy, but it might just happen.

Subaru makes it clear in the story that he loves both Emilia and Rem, saying so to both of them. Rem also still loves Subaru, even after he takes Emilia as his first choice.

Subaru agrees to take Rem as his second wife, so long as Emilia allows that to happen. Given Emilia’s childish view of love and relationships, it’s easy to imagine this happening later in the story!

Subaru’s journey in the world of Lugnica is far from over. Whether Emilia, Rem and himself achieve a happy ending, we’ll have to wait and see.

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