Doctor Who Showrunner Teases Star Trek: Picard Easter Egg in Upcoming Season

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The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard ended its run a few weeks ago and a lot of fans celebrated the triumphant sendoff of The Next Generation crew. It has also become of the most acclaimed seasons in Trek history and showrunner Terry Matalas has been credited for its huge success.

Now, Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies took to Instagram and joined the chorus of fans online who are singing the praises of the final season of Star Trek: Picard. He also gave a special shoutout to the final shot that recreated the final scene of The Next Generation's finale "All Good Things."

"How good? HOW good?! I’d say perfect. I loved those final shots around the table, like the camera couldn’t bear to let go. Wonderful!," he wrote on his caption.

Matalas responded to Davies' post where he expressed his adoration for the Doctor Who showrunner and told him that he "set the standard" when it comes to science-fiction writing.

As reported by Collider, in the latest issue of the Doctor Who magazine, Davies revealed that one of the episode titles in the show's upcoming season was spoken out loud during the third season of Star Trek: Picard, which prompted fans to rewatch the season and guess what the showrunner was referring to.

After the Collider article was published, Matalas shared the article on Twitter and once again shared his love for Davies, where he praised his writing for Torchwood: Children of Earth, as well as expressed his delight in receiving a compliment from him.

"To receive any modicum of praise from the man who wrote Children of Earth is beyond an honor…," the Star Trek: Picard showrunner wrote in his tweet.

It is great to see the two science-fiction franchises collide in this special way and this is yet again another proof of the huge achievement that the third season of Star Trek: Picard did for long-time fans who were promised a satisfying sendoff for The Next Generation crew.

Now, all eyes are on what Davies what referring to in terms of the easter egg in the upcoming season of Doctor Who, and fans will certainly have their eye on that once it airs next year.

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