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Disney Now Has Full Control of Hulu, Watch Out Netflix

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It looks like the recent influx of Marvel shows coming to Hulu was no coincidence as a new report has confirmed that Disney now has complete control over the streaming service. This is a pretty shocking development and a surprising one as well since the company is working on their Disney+ streaming service. We're not sure why Disney is in such a rush to take over Hollywood but hey, we're not the ones sleeping on Marvel and Star Wars money.

Disney and Comcast announced an interesting deal (via, stating that the former has full operational control of the service moving forward. Comcast will still own 33% of the company while Disney runs the streaming service for five years in an interesting put/call agreement.

As early as 2024, Comcast can require Disney to purchase NBCUniversal's 33% ownership stake. Likewise, at that time, Disney could require NBCUniversal to sell that stake at fair market value. Hulu will also be able to stream all NBCUniversal content until 2024, which is interesting, to say the least.

With Disney+ and Hulu, it seems like the company really wants to show Netflix who's boss. Then again, with a number of hit shows, anime, and various original movies, don't expect Netflix to back down anytime soon.

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