Disney Just Bought Land Next To Disney World

The spread of the novel coronavirus might have forced Disneyland to shut down its operations to help prevent the spread of the disease, but that doesn't mean that Disney is going to stop from making investments for its theme park.

According to a report by Orlando Business Journal, the House of Mouse has just made another purchase for Disneyland, buying substantial land near Disney World. This is the company's second purchase since December last year when Disney decided to go through with a 235 acre acquisition back in December.

This most recent purchase by Celebration Co. Comes to up 26.3 acres of land from the Lake Reedy Development Group LLC. It's a smaller acquisition from December, but this new land adds to the Disneyland's land west of the Magic Kingdom theme park.

The land was sold for $1.05 million, meaning that Disney purchased the lot at $39,923 per acre. The lot sits on the southern part of Reedy Lake.

Right now Disney hasn't made any official report or statement regarding the land purchase, but we're sure that the House of Mouse will make the announcement soon. While most expect the house of mouse to add the land to its Disney World theme park, it's also possible that Disney could add it to a conservation effort. We can't be entirely sure until Disney releases information. For now, we'll just have to sit back and wait and see.

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