Disenchanted Director Explains Enchanted Is Different From Sequel

In spite of mixed reviews on Disenchanted being the ‘less charming’ sequel, film director Adam Shankman debunks that Enchanted is actually different from the second film.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, as reported on Screenrant, Shankman differentiates the plot of Disenchanted from its first film, emphasizing its shift in focus and its theme. The director points out that the sequel is more about a family adjusting to a new life, whereas in its previous film, that focused on Giselle discovering a new world beyond Andalasia and of course, what ‘true love’ really meant. Read Shankman’s full quote below:

“It became more about family. The first movie was essentially a romantic comedy, but it was also hinging on the fact that Giselle was a fish out of water. She’s not a fish out of water anymore, so we had to make everyone else a fish out of water. Unless you wanted her to have marital problems with Robert, which we did not want to do, the romantic comedy thing wasn’t so much there, so it was about creating all of the energy that makes it feel like Enchanted, with an entirely new set of rules.”

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While Giselle did give up returning to her fantasy homeland in Andalasia to choose staying in New York with Robert and Morgan, this leads her to wanting to have a little ‘fairytale’ back in her current life. It’s rather nice that the sequel did not create trouble for the couple, but rather something to adjust and understand about each other as they grow together.

The Enchanted franchise is following the basic cycle of life, where Giselle comes out of her nest to find the adventure she’s always wanted, rebuilding her relationship with her daughter Morgan, and if a threequel were to be made, my guess is that would focus on Morgan having to leave the nest to get her own adventure this time. But for now, there are no official announcements for a 3rd film.

Disenchanted is now streaming on Disney+.

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