Dexter: New Blood Release Date, Cast, Spoilers And Everything We Know So Far

Credit: Showtime

Credit: Showtime

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Fans are very excited for new updates on TV series and cult favorite show Dexter. So far, there have been multiple hints on what Dexter: New Blood will be tackling.

Reports suggest that new characters will be introduced and some old ones will be reprised in Dexter: New Blood. Currently, fans are waiting on wondering and looking for relevant information about a new character named Molly Parker.

Here is what we know so far about the new character in Dexter: New Blood. Keep on reading to know more.

Who Is Dexter: New Blood's Newest Character Molly Parker?

There is a new face joining the cast of Dexter: New Blood and new details have emerged on who this character will be. Once Upon A Time alum Jamie Chung revealed, in an interview with HollywoodLife, some interesting information about the character she will be playing in Dexter: New Blood.

The actress shared that she will be playing Molly Parker in the newest season of Dexter. Chung also shared a little bit of what Molly Parker will be like in Dexter: New Blood.

"Molly is a confident, accomplished, and self-made journalist. She found a lot of success as a true-crime podcaster, and as I've mentioned before is new to the world of Dexter and you can imagine how that shakes things up in his quiet world," Chung reveals about Molly Parker.
"She is sassy, unapologetic, and a d–n good armchair detective. I also like to think that she adds a lot of color and fun to this revival series," she further added.

Although the character sounds promising, there is no assurance whether Molly Parker will be an enormous help to Dexter or will she just be a big headache in the coming season. That is something avid followers of the show should watch out for in the imminent Dexter: New Blood series.

Dexter: New Blood Release Date Update

The release of Dexter: New Blood is scheduled for November 9 this year. Updates on the show have not been scarce as well, which only makes the fans of Dexter: New Blood more excited for the newest season.

Stay tuned to EpicStream for more Dexter: New Blood spoilers, predictions, news, and updates!

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