Death Stranding's Hideo Kojima Will Be Appearing in San Diego Comic-Con

Believe it or not, Death Stranding is actually coming out this year. While many had joked that it would be coming in 2020, maybe even on the PlayStation 5, fans were shocked to see Hideo Kojima announced the game's November 8 release date during a live stream. It's currently a PS4 exclusive and many of us can't wait to see more of this trippy experience.

While the game didn't appear in E3, which was understandable since its release date was already revealed beforehand, fans are curious about when we'll see more of the game. It seems like Kojima might have revealed when the game will be shown again since the game director has revealed that he will be taking part in San Diego Comic-Con.

From what was shown, it seems like the game will have open-world elements, stealth sections, and even some third-person shooting. However, some of the set-pieces are puzzling since the characters switch from the future to an odd-looking bit that could be set in what looks like World War II. Either way, this is one of the most highly-anticipated games coming out this year and it looks amazing.

After years of waiting, Death Stranding will be coming out on November 8. The game will be an exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

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