Deadpool Creator Wants Wade Wilson to Team Up with Thor and Hulk in Deadpool 3

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Ryan Reynolds will once again return as Wade Wilson in the highly-anticipated threequel, Deadpool 3. Reynolds will reunite with director Shawn Levy — who helmed two of the actor's triumphant films this year: Free Guy and Netflix's The Adam Project. While fans are waiting for Deadpool's return to the big screens, it appears that Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is as excited as them, and even shared his personal ideas for an MCU crossover.

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"I will have my picket line. I will have my single picket line of one, okay, don't tease me with number 2," Liefeld told "Don't take me to Valhalla and then drop me off. Okay, look, we both know Deadpool 3, he's going to interact with uh, the crew, you know, I mean, I get excited at the prospect of him hanging out with Hemsworth and or, uh, you know Ant-Man, Mr. Paul Rudd. I mean, those are great matchups."

He added, "I personally would love to see him and the Hulk in a buddy movie because I think Hulk was undeserved. People forget what a mic drop he was in The Avengers. Let's rag doll Deadpool the way he did Loki, you know what I mean? So I know they have great things planned. He's definitely going to interact with the Marvel universe because that's the default go to move, but how do you know bring Zazi [Beets] and Josh [Brolin] back? Because fans love them."

If Deadpool would team up with other MCU characters, he would have to be matched with someone who's hilarious as he is. That said, Chris Hemsworth's Thor would be the suitable choice, while Mark Ruffalo's Hulk can also be a contender after showcasing the character's humor in Thor: Ragnarok. However, teaming him up with Paul Rudd's Ant-Man seems to be highly unlikely at this point, as Scott Lang already has his own crew and is occupied with the upcoming sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Nonetheless, with Disney officially acquiring the rights of Deadpool from Fox, this already implies that the appearance of another MCU character in the threequel is now an open possibility. Whoever that is will certainly be unraveled when Deadpool 3 arrives in theaters.

Deadpool 3 is still under development.

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