Deadpool 2 Tried To Get Skyfall’s Adele To Accompany Its Opening

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Deadpool fans might have loved the mash-up between Ryan Reynold's Merc with a Mouth and the legendary singer Celine Dione, but it turns out that the original song "Ashes" wasn't actually written for the film.

With Deadpool 2 now out on home release, fans have a lot of bonus features to look forward to, one of which includes commentary from the director of the Deadpool sequel, David Leitch. In the commentary (via CBR, Leitch reveals that "Ashes" wasn't originally meant for the film, saying that he was trying other songs to set to the film's opening credits. Leitch even considered Skyfall's Adele to accompany the 007 parody opening, that was until the production team was recommended Dion's track.


According to Leitch, Columbia Records, Dion's label, approached them with one of the singer's ballads that they thought was a hit. When the director laid it against the film, everything seemed to fit, and so it was placed in the film.

Of course, Columbia was right when they thought the song would be a success because Dione's single soon turned up on top of Billboard's US Dance Club Songs, becoming the legendary singer's third single to top the chart in her career as a musician. Of course, while Dion is a force to reckon with, we imagine the weird music video that Leitch directed to help market Deadpool 2 helped make the song even more popular.

Deadpool 2 is now available on Digital HD.

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