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DC Just Revealed Joker's Real Name After 82 Years

Credit: WB

There's no denying that the Joker is one of the most recognizable comic book villains out there but despite being around for over eight decades, there are a lot of things we still don't know about Batman's archnemesis which is all the more astonishing considering there have been numerous iterations of the character. Now, DC Comics has seemingly revealed Joker's real name, putting an end to the years-long confusion surrounding his identity.

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Credit: WB

In Flashpoint #5 (via ComicBook), Mistah J's name is revealed to be Jack Oswald White. The iconic Batman villain has taken on several names and identities over the course of his storied run in both the comics and live-action, with Jack Napier being the most common moniker.

Of course, the name Jack Napier originated from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film and while it was a name intended for the Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson classic, the comics would later go with it. In 2019's Joker, WB decided to give the character a new identity in Arthur Fleck and a more tragic backstory.

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It'll be interesting to see if DC will go with Jack Oswald White moving forward but I totally dig the name. Meanwhile, the Clown Prince of Crime is set for his next live-action appearance in Joker: Folie à Deux which is currently the only DC film that has been greenlit by Warner Bros. Discovery.

As for Matt Reeves' version of the character, it's likely that Barry Keoghan will serve as the main villain for The Batman 2.

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