DC Fans Continue Lobbying for Grant Gustin to Replace Ezra Miller as The Flash

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The name Ezra Miller has become synonymous with controversy and over the last couple of months, the actor's personal troubles have come to light. For the longest time, Warner Bros. has seemingly been trying to dodge which has affected the upcoming The Flash film.

Credit: WB

Just recently, it was reported that WB is currently weighing in on its options as to how the company would handle all the drama surrounding Ezra Miller's personal life and it even involves scrapping the project altogether.

Well, if you'd ask DC fans, the best route for WB to take is to just recast Miller and unsurprisingly, Grant Gustin, who portrays Barry Allen in the Arrowverse is a top contender to potentially replace the DCEU's Scarlet Speedster should WB run out of options.

Following the latest scandal involving Miller, fans took to Twitter to once again campaign for Gustin who many believe should have replaced the DCEU star a long time ago. His name even trended on the social media platform in the wake of Ezra's seemingly never-ending controversies.




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Honestly, if WB Discovery really wanted to, they could easily hit the reset button on the DCEU so it would align perfectly with their reported "10-year plan". And considering Gustin is only in his early 30s, he'd definitely be a great fit for the company's DCEU vision. I mean, the CW's Arrowverse has run its course anyway and I think it's time to give the actor his much-needed break on the big screen.

That said, The Flash is slated for release on June 23, 2023.