Criminal Minds Reboot Release Date Speculations, Cast Upated, Plot Theories, and Everything We Know

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Criminal Minds Reboot Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
Credit: CBS

Criminal Minds is back with a vengeance.

Two years after the 15th season of the original Criminal Minds series aired its last episode, we finally got to learn more about the reboot. Criminal Minds first came out in September 2005; this time, Paramount+ will handle the reboot series, which is practically the is everything we know about Paramount’s Criminal Minds reboot.

Criminal Minds Reboot Release Date: When Will the Criminal Minds Revival Come Out?

The last season of Criminal Minds ended on February 19, 2020.

There is still no announced release date for the Criminal Minds reboot. Talk about the series reboot was first announced on February 1, 2021, but the show’s development went through some bumps along the road.

Rumors about the discontinuation of the series were fueled by actress Paget Brewster tweeting that the reboot was 'dead.'

The Criminal Minds Reboot was Confirmed in July 2022

By July 14, 2022, the streaming service confirmed the reboot. Paramount+, ABC Signature, and CBS Studios were able to reach an agreement about the license of the show, sealing the deal.

Actor Joe Mantegna posted a photo of him on the set, confirming that production is on the way.

Paramount+ Planned to Include an Accompanying Spin-Off

The reboot is not the only Criminal Minds-related project from Paramount+. When the revival was announced, Paramount+ also revealed plans for a spin-off called The Real Criminal Minds. In the planned spin-off, a Criminal Minds cast member will be hosting, talking about real cases and real criminal behavior with a real former FBI profiler. There is no information about the spin-off yet, but we are keeping watch.

Criminal Minds Reboot Cast: Who are the Actors Included in the Paramount+ Reboot?

Criminal Minds Reboot Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Credit: CBS

Some of the major cast of the Criminal Minds will return to reprise their characters in the reboot. There will also be new actors joining the Criminal Minds to complete the cast of the series, but we still need to wait for information about these new characters.

Criminal Minds Fan Favorite Cast Members Return

Six of the most loved actors from previous Criminal Minds seasons are returning to reprise their roles for the reboot. We will see Joe Mantegna as David Rossi, Adam Rodriguez as Luke Alvez, and AJ Cook as Jennifer Jareau. Aisha Tyler will return as Tara Lewis, along with Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss and Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia.

A behind-the-scenes sneak peek posted on the show's official Instagram page teased Penelope's return.

Criminal Minds Cast Members Who are not Returning

We will not be seeing a couple of the original Criminal Mind casts. Matthew Gray Gubler declined to return as Spencer Reid for the reboot, while Daniel Henney had to decline to return as Matt Simmons to focus on The Wheel of Time.

Criminal Minds Reboot Crew: Who are the Creatives Behind the Scenes?

Criminal Minds Reboot Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Credit: CBS

Erica Messer, who worked as an executive producer and showrunner for the original Criminal Minds, has recently signed up for the reboot. Messer will use her talents again as a producer and showrunner while also contributing as a writer.

Joining Messer are Breen Frazier and Chris Barbour, who will also serve as executive producers and writers. Mark Gordon will also be an executive producer, along with Glenn Kershaw, who will also be directing the series.

Who Worked on the Original Criminal Minds?

Jeff Davis created the original Criminal Minds series. He also wrote many of the episodes that were released throughout the seasons. Some of the directors who led Criminal Minds episodes are Glenn Kershaw, Felix Enriquez Alcala, and Rob Bailey.

Criminal Minds Reboot Plot: What Will be the Plot of the Series?

Criminal Minds Reboot Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Credit: CBS

There is still little information about the details of the Criminal Minds reboot, but we already know the general plot of the revival series.

In the Criminal Minds reboot, our favorite team of FBI criminal profilers is back to face their most formidable foe yet. When the pandemic broke out, and UnSub (or an unknown perpetrator of a crime) used the pandemic to build a network made up of serial killers. When the world is slowly opening up and restrictions are loosening, the network is activated and goes operational, and the team must work together to take down the entire network – one murderer at a time.

What was the Plot of the Original Criminal Minds Series?

The original Criminal Minds series revolved around the team of FBI profilers from the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). BAU focuses on the criminal activity of various serial killers by investigating the crime scene. They use the information they gathered to create a profile and catch the killer before they strike again.

Criminal Minds Reboot Episodes: How Many Episodes Will the Criminal Minds Revival Season Have?

The Criminal Minds reboot will have 10 episodes, which is less than the usual number of episodes when compared to previous seasons. The reboot will also focus on only one criminal case throughout the entire season. This strays from the formula of the first Criminal Minds series, which focuses on one case in every episode.

Criminal Minds Reboot Trailer: Is There a Trailer for Criminal Minds Reboot?

No, there is no trailer yet for the Criminal Minds reboot. Since the revival season has barely started shooting, we may be seeing a trailer sometime in late 2022. Meanwhile, here is one of the first sneak peeks released for the original Criminal Minds series.

Where to Watch Criminal Minds Reboot: Where Can I Watch the New Criminal Minds Series?

Criminal Minds Reboot Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know
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Credit: CBS

You can watch the Criminal Minds Reboot on Paramount+ once the series is released. You can also watch the earlier seasons of Criminal Minds on Paramount+.

There are more hard-hitting drama and action series you can watch online while waiting for the Criminal Minds reboot to release, like Yellowstone, Lincoln Lawyer, The Gray Man, and Purple Hearts.


Criminal Minds has endeared itself to viewers through great stories throughout the 15 seasons it has aired. Fans have missed the FBI BAU team and know that a new season is on the way. We are diligently waiting for its debut.

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