Criminal Minds: Evolution Returns: What Will Be JJ, Luke’s Fate?

Credit: TVLine/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TVLine/YouTube Screenshot

Criminal Minds: Evolution will finally return this week and see the future of JJ (A.J. Cook) and Luke (Adam Rodriguez) after the explosion. Aside from these two’s fate, the upcoming Episode 6, titled True Conviction, will feature a major callback to the original series.

The midseason finale ended with a major cliffhanger when JJ and Luke’s bodycams’ signals suddenly went black after the blast. So, will these two survive in the return of Criminal Minds: Evolution?

The New Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode Trailer

The new episode will pick up where the midseason finale left off, with JJ and Luke walking into that booby-trapped Whitfield County, Ga, bunker and suddenly blowing.

According to TVLine, the explosion seems to have exposed the true mastermind behind Sicarius, but everything appears different from what it looks like.

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Despite that, the BAU will be determined to know the truth when Criminal Minds: Evolution returns.

In the new episode trailer, Prentiss (Paget Brewster) and the rest of the gang will rush off the BAU to find out what happened to their fellow agents. So, how will they get there?

A Nod to the Original Criminal Minds Series

The teaser sees JJ survives after she slowly lifts herself from the ground. The team even sees it in her live feed.

However, there’s no sign of Luke yet. The clip ends with Rossi (Joe Mantegna), Prentiss, and Tara (Aisha Tyler) entering the elevator.

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As the doors close, Prentiss teases the taking off of the Criminal Minds’ jet, saying the series’ most famous line, “Wheels up,” is a nod to the original show.

It’s a phrase often used by Hotch (Thomas Gibson) and was later adapted by Prentiss.

Will Luke Die in the Criminal Minds: Evolution Return?

Fans surely celebrate after seeing JJ survive, but what about Luke? Will he die when Criminal Minds: Evolution returns?

If he does, the show can use it as a “heavy emotional moment,” a huge shock to see his story ends up there, per ScreenRant. However, it will be hard for fans to see him go, as the show has already lost two major characters after the network change.

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It’s also possible that he has survived, knowing he has been a staple in the show since the original show’s 12th season, and a huge effort was made to develop his character to make him one of the most famous characters.

Criminal Minds: Evolution returns on Thursday, January 12.

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