Cobra Kai Season 5 Storyline, Cast, Release Date: Will There Be Changes In The New Season?

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Cobra Kai Season 5 is just around the corner, and fans are already hyped to see the new episodes. Now that the young cast of the series is growing up, what’s next for this generation of karate kids?

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Will there be new changes fans are about to see in Cobra Kai Season 5? The series has been sticking to its origin, The Karate Kid, though it introduces something new every now and then.

What to Look Forward to in Cobra Kai Season 5?


According to Cartermatt, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) will be working with Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) to give Miyagi-do a more aggressive style. He must work much harder to make The Valley get rid of Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith).

Johnny Lawrence may want to do the same, but he may spend the new season looking for Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) in Mexico, who’s also searching for his father.

Evidently, the show's young cast has grown up and may move on to do other things. Though Cobra Kai Season 5 may not feature graduation or other major events for the students, something that will show their developments may happen.

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It remains to be seen what will occur to the series without this generation of characters. However, it looks like the show’s writers have already worked on that after introducing a younger generation of stars in the fourth season, though it remains to be seen where they will go from there.

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka on Kobra Cai Season 5 Villain

Both Macchio and William Zabka, who plays the role of Johnny Lawrence, find it incredible that the show is now on its fifth season.


The series has shown the two facing different antagonists in the past. But now Griffith has joined the series, Zabka calls it “amazing” and hints at the possibility of seeing more of the villain in Cobra Kai Season 5.

“There’s a little bit of [Daniel] trying to make everyone understand how diabolical this guy is,” Macchio said, per TV Insider.

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“It’s a fun character journey,” Zabrak simply added.

Kobra Cai Season 5 Sticking to Its Origin Story, The Karate Kid

Kobra Cai has been lauded for featuring a unique blend of elements while sticking to its origin story.

Co-creator Hayden Schlossberg toldVariety it was fun to expand the show’s universe by introducing new characters. At the same time, he and his fellow writers would always return to its origins.


“The Bonsai tree grows,” he said. “In the show it’s karate, but in life, it could be a million different things that changes you and makes you a new person and gives you confidence. …but at the core of it is what I fell in love with the Karate Kid, why it’s a classic.”

The show connects different cultures, and the story eventually shows the connection between the characters.

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“So every year we’re like, OK let’s forget everything for a second and go back to the Karate Kid,” he continued. “We watch the movie again. And that’s why I think it’s worked on a global level. Because they’re universal stories.”

From there, they will focus on the original story again and take advantage of “different characters, genders and backgrounds.”

“And play things out so that it feels like The Karate Kid, but it’s something totally different,” he added.

Cobra Kai Season 5 will be out on September 9 on Netflix.

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