Chris Evans Diet & Exercise: Know the Secret Behind the Actor’s Captain America Body

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Chris Evans may have played a lot of roles in his more than two decades career, but he is best known as Captain America in The Avengers and Captain America movies. Many lauded his muscular physique aside from his good looks and great acting skills, so how can an average Joe achieve this?

Having the Captain America body is no easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work, a strict diet and a rigorous workout. So, here’s the tedious work Chris Evans has to do to maintain his Captain America body.

Chris Evans’ Strict Diet


The 40-year-old star used to have a slimmer physique, which could be seen in his earliest movies. So to bulk up, IWM Buzz noted he had to increase his caloric intake.

In his previous interviews, the actor revealed he wasn’t fond of eating heavily, so taking more calories became a struggle.

“The biggest problem for Chris was eating enough to put on muscle while avoiding storing any surplus calories as fat,” Simon Waterson, a world-class personal trainer, to PhilStar Global. “In between meals, we ate low-carb protein shakes and snacks like fruit and almonds.”

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The Knives Out star also ate lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and supplements to gain lean muscle mass.

Chris Evans’ diet is not as simple as gaining weight by eating pizza or burgers. It still has to be healthy and he can only achieve this if he eats healthy food choices.

Gradually, from 77kg, his weight increased to 82kg. At the same time, he managed to decrease his body fat percentage from 12.5% to 8%.


Chris Evans’ Tough Training Regimen

After a successful diet, Chris Evans had to follow a tough training regimen. Waterson used high-weight/low-rep sets of compound lifts on him to make him stronger.

His exercises were composed of squats, deadlifts, incline bench presses, weighted dips and chin-ups. He also did gymnastics, bodyweight routines, and plyometrics, like squat-to-box jumps.

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These things helped fire up his muscle fibers, improved his flexibility and kept his heart rate high and ideal.

“Chris had done some weight training before, but it had been concentrated on the vanity muscles of the chest, arms, and abs, as with a lot of males,” Waterson revealed. “He recognized the significance of having a well-balanced physique.”

Thankfully, Chris Evans was a joy to work with, despite Waterson’s need to work him hard at a reasonable pace because he didn’t want to lose him for four weeks due to an injury.


He also used high-intensity leg exercises on him that the actor hated.

“Leg pain never goes away after a day or two; it always lasts for a week,” Waterson explained. “However, because your legs and glutes are your body’s largest and strongest muscles, you’ll need to work them hard to get bigger and leaner everywhere else.”

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He added men often overlooked their legs to have bigger arms, but straining the bottom body to its limits would help transform the upper torso faster due to the large growth hormone response.

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