Chainsaw Man's Power and Meowy Get an Impressive New Figure

Chainsaw Man Power Meowy Figure

Chainsaw Man Power Meowy Figure

Fans may not have gotten a Season 2 announcement at the recent MAPPA Stage event, but a new figure of Power and Meowy from Chainsaw Man is some nice consolation, at least for collectors.

While there have been many figures of Power revealed over the last couple of months, this new one finally features Power’s adorable cat, Meowy.

This figure is also unlike other recent Power collectibles as it’s something that fans won’t have to worry about displaying anywhere in the house.

Power Gets a New Figure That’s Not NSFW This Time

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Power is one of the most popular characters in Chainsaw Man and for good reason. Her sibling-like relationship with Denji is always entertaining to see, plus her wild personality makes her fun to watch.

Thanks to her popularity, Power pretty much has the greatest number of figures, not counting Denji of course. But Power’s recent figures that went viral online are rather questionable in nature.

For starters, there’s this incredibly detailed official figure from Shibuya Scramble Figure that depicts Power sitting atop the toilet, recreating the popular scene from the anime’s fourth episode.

While it’s not an explicit figure, it definitely looks questionable, enough that it might not be the best idea to display this one where your family can see it.

Then there’s the unofficial Power figure that’s not safe for work as it features her in a skimpy outfit that leaves little to the imagination.

Finally, there’s a detailed Power figure that has a cool and arguably normal pose.

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SEGA S-Fire and Good Smile Reveal New Power and Meowy Figure

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This new figure is made by SEGA’s S-Fire and is being sold by Good Smile Company. It depicts Power in an action-ready pose, with Meowy atop her shoulder.

While many figures of Power are based on the anime or official manga illustrations, this one is an original design, making it a unique figure to have for collectors.

What’s also great about it aside from the level of detail, is its size. This figure is 1/7 scale, meaning it’s large and will no doubt make a great centerpiece for any figure collection.

This Power and Meowy figure is available for pre-order now in various shops, including the Good Smile Online Shop. It is priced at JPY 27,500 (around USD 197).

Pre-orders are available until July 20, 2023. It will then be released in June 2024, so fans will need to wait a while before they get their hands on this.

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Source: Good Smile Company

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