All Chainsaw Man Manga Scenes Skipped in the Anime

All Chainsaw Man Manga Scenes Skipped in the Anime

All Chainsaw Man Manga Scenes Skipped in the Anime

Few anime series have been as anticipated as Chainsaw Man, and with that comes a lot of pressure to get it right. The anime was never going to cover every single panel, but there are some big manga scenes skipped in the Chainsaw Man anime.

The series is already getting some great reviews, so anime-only fans are unlikely to miss out on anything too huge. However, if you want to learn a little more about Denji and the world of Chainsaw Man, here’s a list of other stuff that happened during events in the anime.

Note: This article will be updated as the Chainsaw Man anime airs.

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  1. The Door

    This technically isn’t a skip but it’s enough of an alteration to make it worth mentioning here.

    The first thing you see in the Chainsaw Man anime is the door. However, the door doesn’t appear at all in the manga until chapter 38, the end of the Katana Man arc, and doesn’t become a key part of the story until much later.

    Unlike the manga, which first introduces the door once characters and factions have been established, it looks like the anime will use its mystery as a key point of interest for Denji throughout the series.

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  2. Muscle Devil

    The Chainsaw Man anime’s first big omission was the muscle devil storyline, which occupies most of chapter 2 but was skipped in episode 2 of the anime.

    In the anime, Denji and Makima talk over a bowl of udon noodles. In the manga, their meal is interrupted when a man asks them to help save his daughter, who had been dragged into the woods by a devil.

    Makima sends her loyal dog Denji into the woods, where he discovers the young girl playing with the devil. She begs for the devil’s life and Denji suggests they all run away together before the devil reveals that it’s manipulating the girl and tries to kill Denji.

    In terms of dialogue and exposition, you don’t miss anything as an anime fan – the scenes in the car and while they’re eating noodles are elongated to include all the main dialogue between Denji and Makima, albeit in a slightly different pattern.

    However, this fight – Denji’s first mission as a devil hunter – is a key moment in the manga as it highlights his unique connection to devils thanks to his friendship with Pochita.

    This fight strengthens Denji’s sympathetic reaction to devils which is highlighted by the first fiend seen later in both the manga and the anime, a scene that might not connect with anime-only fans as much.

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