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Chainsaw Man vs. Bleach: Which Shonen Anime Will Top Fall 2022?

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The current anime season is not only the biggest of the year, but many consider it to be one of the most stacked in the last couple of years. Among the big hitters of Fall 2022 are Chainsaw Man and Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.

While these shows don’t have a lot in common story-wise, these two are comparable for being based on popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga. Plus, these two come with a lot of hype behind them.

For starters, Chainsaw Man is an anime that’s based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga of the same name. Even before the anime adaptation was announced, the manga was already one of the most popular titles in Shonen Jump.

Meanwhile, Thousand-Year Blood War marks an anime return for Bleach, one of the most iconic shonen anime and manga from the 2000s. It’s considered one of the big three anime alongside One Piece and Naruto.

Fans Debate Chainsaw Man vs. Bleach Anime

Both shows premiered earlier this week, and both got a lot of hype. But because of this, many fans have begun comparing the shows.

On Twitter, there are already lots of tweets from fans comparing the action of both shows.

Some say that Thousand-Year Blood War’s first episode was more impressive as not everyone liked how Chainsaw Man’s CGI looked in the fight scenes.

Meanwhile, there are some who praised Chainsaw Man over Thousand-Year Blood War as there are those who prefer the more violent sequences in the former anime.

While there are those debating which of the two shows is better, the sentiment overall is that fans are happy with both shows, making for an exciting Fall 2022 anime season.

Chainsaw Man and Bleach Rankings and Reviews

As of writing, Thousand-Year Blood War and Chainsaw Man are the top-rated anime in the Fall 2022 season, with the shows having a 9.11 and a 9.1 score on MyAnimeList, respectively.

Given the hype behind the shows on social media and the glowing reviews for their first episodes, it’s fair to say that these two titles will be the ones that will dominate the current anime season.

However, it remains to be seen which one will be crowned by fans as the top anime of the season. After all, we’re still early into Fall 2022.

Aside from these two, there are lots of other big shows that are currently airing, including Spy x Family Part 2, Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, Blue Lock, and more.

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