Carnival Row Season 2 Star Orlando Bloom Bids His Character Farewell

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Carnival Row star Orlando Bloom recently revealed that filming for Season 2 of Amazon Prime's dark fantasy series has been completed, sharing several photos from the set – including one of Cara – while bidding his character Rycroft Philostrate farewell.

Carnival Row Season 2
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Credit: Amazon Prime Video

"Bye bye Philo," Bloom wrote on his Instagram post, saying in summary: "I love my job. As actors we get to go on these remarkable journeys with our characters. Fall in love, fight for our lives, fight for justice, sometime save the day and other times fall flat on our face.

"The crew who work tirelessly and all the cast and supporting cast who've stood out in all kinds of wether to make some very large filmic moments come to life. Its story telling. It's not rocket science, but it is lightning in a bottle when it works and heartbreaking when it doesn't… and yet it never fails to be an opportunity to learn and grow. What a gift."

Bloom will reprise his role as Philo, the half-fae Inspector of the Burgue Constabulary. Cara Delevingne, who will reprise her role as Vignette Stonemoss, a fae and lover of Philo, also shared a behind-the-scenes look from the set of Carnival Row Season 2.

Amazon Prime hasn't announced an official release date for Carnival Row Season 2 yet, but now that filming has wrapped, it's likely that the highly-anticipated season will be released within a year. You can check more details about the new season here.

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