Brad Pitt Allegedly Did Not Give Up On Dating Jennifer Aniston Shortly After Their Surprise Reunion

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are two of the most sought-after celebrities in Hollywood today. And the fact that they once dated is one of the reasons why they are always in the headlines. However, it is important to note that Pitt and Aniston broke up as far back as 2000, and they are nothing more than friends or buddies, as the Friends alum once said.

However, even if Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are just friends, multiple publications still insist that there’s something going on between the A-listers.

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Brad Pitt Did Not Stop Pursuing Jennifer Aniston Shortly After Their Reunion

Most recently, one publication claimed that Pitt finally gave up on trying to date Aniston shortly after their reunion. And this decision encouraged the actor to open his heart to other potential dates.

But Suggest made it clear that there is no truth to the claims. After all, Pitt and Aniston never even tried to get back together after they split 22 years ago. And the exes’ previous reunion did not encourage the dad of six to try and win back his ex-wife.


“For the millionth time: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are not dating. Any allusions to a rumored reunion are entirely false. The ship sailed when he started dating Jolie in 2005, and it hasn’t been spotted in port since. There’s no valid reason to mention Aniston in any Pitt article surrounding his current love life. It’s genuinely maddening how tabloids are incapable of finding a new combination of people to print bogus junk about,” the publication said.

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Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Fans Are Still Hoping The Exes Would Get Back Together

It is possible that Pitt and Aniston are still linked to each other today because they have a history together. And the exes are also on good terms. Additionally, the A-listers are both single right now.


Pitt dated and married Angelina Jolie shortly after his divorce from Aniston. And The Morning Show actress also dated a few men, and she eventually wed Justin Theroux.

However, Pitt and Jolie announced their divorce in 2016, and Aniston and Theroux split two years later.

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Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Linked To Other People

The exes were also linked to several other individuals, but the reports have never been proven to be accurate. For instance, Pitt was rumored to have dated German model Nicole Poturalski briefly, but they allegedly split because they were at different points in their lives.


Pitt was also rumored to be dating actress Alia Shawkat. And the latter was forced to respond to the allegations because multiple tabloids insisted that they were an item.

While speaking with The New Yorker, Shawkat revealed that Pitt didn’t even know that they were being paired together.

“[Pitt] had no awareness of it at all, which is so funny because he doesn’t read that [expletive]. I was like, ‘You know everyone thinks we’re dating? And there’s this whole thing, and I’m being followed.’ And he was, like, ‘I’m sorry. It happens. If you hang out with me, it happens.’ He had no awareness of it at all,” Shawkat said.

Aniston, on the other hand, was linked to at least two mystery men who were allegedly rich and famous in their chosen fields of expertise. But fans of the actress know that the rumors aren’t also true.

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