Blue Bloods Season 12 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Incoming Two Jam-Packed Episodes -- What to Expect

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Credit: SpoilerTV/YouTube Screenshot

Blue Bloods Season 12 is far from over, and while it's been reported no new episode will arrive Friday, there's still something to smile about: next on your to-watch list are two different episodes for the month of December.

Cartermatt reports at least two episodes will be airing next month, though a chance for more remains on the table. And while it's unclear whether we'll get anything more, we're limiting our expectations to what CBS has confirmed.

Reality Check

Fans will be able to see Reality Check on the air on Friday, Dec. 3, according to the report. We're not sure what this is all about. On the surface, it appears to be about a terrible epiphany. This may be one of those situations where someone needs to give someone some harsh advice; we can easily imagine Frank Reagan delivering this to someone in the middle of a scene at 1 Police Plaza.


Another episode is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 10 – although there is some confusion regarding the title. Rekindled is the title listed on CBS' press site, and that's the title we're going with for now. Other sources indicate the title is Firewall, but we favor the former. This means that we may be witnessing a sort of reunion, with a pleasant conclusion.


As the title of the next episode suggests, we'll get a reality check on what, where, and how much is still unknown. There hasn't been an official synopsis or promo video released for the next episode due to the large time gap between it and the previous one. The series will probably release a promo video for the next episode this week, and viewers will learn more about the upcoming episode.

Erin was shown suspecting her seniors in the previous episode, so we might see her confronting them or trying to figure out what's going on behind her back in this upcoming episode. We'll see what happens now that the others are feeling separated, in addition to Frank's close friends. We'll also look into the circumstances in which Danny and Baez are dealing with uncooperative individuals.

Ultimately, we all want to hear more positive stories from the show! Blue Bloods Season 12 is a serious show that tackles some heavy themes, and we can only hope that it gives us something to smile about before the year ends.


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