Blake Shelton Shock: Gwen Stefani’s Husband Doesn’t Want A Biological Child? Not On Board With Wife’s Surrogacy Plans

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Credit: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube Screenshot

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are still in the honeymoon stage months after tying the knot. Last week, the couple even celebrated their first Thanksgiving as a married couple in Oklahoma.

While speaking with People, Blake Shelton revealed that he has a special tradition with his stepsons, Apollo, Kingston, and Zuma, during Thanksgiving.

“The first year, we made a hot Flamin' Hot Cheetos turkey. We crusted it in Flamin' Hot Cheetos. The next year Apollo, or maybe it was Zuma; I can't remember. We ended up doing a Funyuns turkey, which actually tasted a lot like regular turkey. I guess whatever they put in Funyuns is the same stuff,” Shelton said.

This year, Shelton and Stefani’s children decided to wrap their turkey in bacon. And the latter proudly shared a photo of her son and husband working on their turkey.

But despite the couple’s happy Thanksgiving celebration, one publication claimed that Shelton and Stefani are dealing with something major behind closed doors.

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Blake Shelton Doesn’t Want Gwen Stefani To Hire A Surrogate

Us Weekly, in its Dec. 6 issue, claimed that Shelton had a change of heart when it came to having a biological child. Since Stefani can no longer conceive, the singer allegedly considered hiring a surrogate.

At first, Shelton was on board with Stefani’s plan, but he recently realized that he didn't want to have more kids.

“Blake’s pumping the brakes on getting a surrogate to have a baby with Gwen,” the unnamed source said.

Since Shelton and Stefani have been through a lot in recent months, the former doesn’t want his wife to go through such a painful process much longer.

“Gwen is obviously distressed by this decision. She feels like he’ll regret not having biological kids,” the unnamed source explained.

But ever since Shelton developed a close bond with Stefani’s children, he stopped wanting to have his own children. After all, the country singer believes that Apollo, Kingston, and Zuma are just like his own kids.

Blake Shelton Enjoys Hanging Out With Gwen Stefani’s Sons

In fact, Shelton has allegedly become so devoted to Stefani’s kids that he no longer goes out of the house to spend time with his friends.

“He hasn’t been hanging out with his local friends as much these days. They’re surprised by the distance, and it’s caused some tension. But everyone understands Blake and Gwen are newlyweds,” the unnamed source concluded.

Did Gwen Stefani Get Pregnant Last Year?

Throughout the past couple of years, all sorts of rumors have surrounded Shelton and Stefani’s relationship. Multiple publications claimed that the couple is desperate to have children of their own. But it is Stefani that’s determined to make it happen.

Last year, National Enquirer claimed that Shelton and Stefani tried to conceive the natural way and succeeded. And the No Doubt singer allegedly beat the odds and became pregnant at 51. However, Stefani didn’t get pregnant at the time.

In fact, Stefani seems to be so in tune with the reality that she could never have more children the natural way. That’s why she never felt the need to respond to all the rumors.


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Blake Shelton Adores Apollo, Kingston, Zuma

Having three children has been a blessing for Stefani, and it’s unlikely that she wants more. As for Shelton, he previously said that he couldn't imagine his life without Stefani’s three children.

The doting stepdad also said that he enjoys taking care of Stefani’s sons and wants to be a role model for them because he was also raised by his stepdad, whom he adored.

“There’s definitely nothing easy about it. I don’t know if it’s as hard or harder or not as hard as being an actual biological parent, you know? I love my stepfather and I looked up to him. And he’s the perfect father to me. So, you know, I have a good inspiration in my life on how to do this and the kind of stepdad I want to be,” he said during his appearance on The Ride With Kimo & Heather.

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