Black Bolt Dominates 4 Marvel Games

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The Super Sonic King of the Inhumans is making some headlines not just with the confirmation of the new TV series. Marvel gamers can also look forward to seeing more of Black Bolt in the different offered games.

And by "more," we mean all four games, as Black Bolt flies into this games bearing his signature abilities. In Marvel lore, Blackagar Boltagon--now you know where his nickname comes from--was exposed to Terrigen at a very tender age of 0 while still an embryo.


What this led to was his development of abilities to unleash a sonic force using his voice. When he's not in the middle of battle, Black Bolt stands as a silent leader with his Medusa and the other members of the royal family.

In the Marvel games, Black Bolt has secured himself a spot as one of the fighters in Marvel Contest of Champions. Here, he embodies the royal blood ruler that he is with his restraint, because we know that a good leader thinks before he acts, and thinks for the good of his people.

Marvel Future Fight developer Doohyun Cho revealed that the creation of The King was quite the challenge. His main selling capability was actually difficult to blend in, but the developer has been doing the proper adjustments to let players enjoying giving his character a spin.

"From design to character animation, we persistently adjusted his skill composition and effects to create the Black Bolt we have now. We plan on improving many of the characters to be more similar to the original comics and to be even more exciting to play."

Marvel Heroes 2016 plays up on Black Bolt's characteristics of silence and stoicism. For this game, art director Chris Frenton went with his All-New All-Different design.


Finally, in Marvel Puzzle Quest, Black Bolt was ranked as one of the strong 5-star characters. His Quasi-Sonic power can level a section of or even the entirety of the board, depending on whether he delivers a whisper or a scream.

Make sure to check out Black Bolt in the four games, at least while you're waiting for Inhumans to arrive in Nov. 2, 2018.

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