Black Adam’s Box Office Failure Reportedly Caused By Dwayne Johnson’s Huge Ego

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Apart from Black Adam previously being the most highly anticipated DC film depicting a new anti-hero entering the DCU, Dwayne Johnson had always reiterated to news outlets and interviews on how much hard work and effort he had put into producing the film all these years. In fact, so much so that he had put his entirety into making the film come to fruition.

Unfortunately, the movie did not stick with its viewers. It was a box office failure, which was one of the potential reasons as to why he won’t be returning for a Black Adam 2. However, a new report from The Wrap indicates that besides the negative reception, Dwayne Johnson had a huge issue when it comes to sharing the spotlight.

According to the executive, The Rock’s constant need to be the center of attention in his film tampered with Black Adam’s potential. “Dwayne tries to sell himself as bigger than the movie,” the anonymous executive said, “He’s one of the few people who always thinks he’s the most important person in any situation or room.”

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To be fair, this doesn’t mean that the Black Adam project completely failed entirely because of his ego, however, it does contribute to the fact that working with the star of the film had probably driven the motivation of the employees downhill.

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Johnson did manage to gain success in his previous endeavors, such as the Jumanji film series he spearheaded alongside Kevin Hart. Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level both had grossed $1.6 billion combined at the global box office.

Although this could also explain why he had clashed with Vin Diesel on the Fast & Furious series, seeing as the two have yet to work together on set again since Johnson exited from the franchise.

Black Adam was supposed to kickstart the new DCU emerging, before James Gunn had announced the actual DC Slate Chapter 1. Henry Cavill had already made his appearance as the Man of Steel, which could have easily set up a sequel for both of them. However, given that its budget reached $260 million (without the marketing costs yet), Black Adam had merely made $393 million worldwide.

DC’s Black Adam is available to stream on HBO Max.


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