Bethesda Delays The Elder Scrolls: Blades Nintendo Switch Port to 2020

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The Elder Scrolls: Blades has been an odd mobile game, giving fans solid hack-n-slash action while also annoying them with chests that take forever. Still, the mobile game proved to be a bit popular and fans were a bit excited when it was announced that Elder Scrolls: Blades would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, especially with the motion controls for combat. It was supposed to be released later this year but Bethesda has announced that it will now be delayed to 2020.


On the Bethesda Blog, it was explained that due to the number of changes planned for the game, a delay had to be made so that all the improvements could be implemented. Some of these improvements include the complete removal of chest timers (praise the lord) and how loot drops are handled, something many fans have been asking for.

Here is the full explanation from the developers:

We know how eager our players are to dive into Blades on the Nintendo Switch and we've been hard at work to make it happen. Unfortunately, amidst all the other changes we're making to Blades, we've had to delay our Switch release until early 2020. We can't wait until you can begin your quest in Blades on the Switch, and we're confident this additional time will let us deliver the polished gameplay our fans deserve. We deeply appreciate your patience! As we've mentioned in a previous Town Hall, PvP matches will be cross-platform between mobile versions and the Switch version when it releases.

Personally, as someone who has been critical of Bethesda, it's good to see them not rush a mobile port. The Nintendo Switch port of Skyrim did well, so here's hoping that Blades does just as well.


The Elder Scrolls: Blades is now available on iOS and Android, while the Switch version will come out in 2020.

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