The 6 Best Sites to Read Manhwa

The 6 Best Sites to Read Manhwa
Credit: D&C Media

The 6 Best Sites to Read Manhwa
Credit: D&C Media

Japanese manga remains a popular form of entertainment for many, but other Asian countries produce similar yet distinct comics. South Korean manhwa is becoming increasingly prominent in pop culture especially since more of them are now being translated into English. Are you interested in getting started with manwha? If so, we got you covered: here are the best websites to read manhwa legally online:

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  1. Tapas Media

    Tapas media is a great way to get started with South Korean manhwa and webtoons.

    From Korean fantasy classics such as Solo Leveling to romances such as A Business Proposal, Tapas offers a wide range of titles and you are bound to find something that interests you.

    If you're interested in webtoons and comics in general, the Tapas library also includes trending non-Korean works such as Heartstopper by Alice Oseman.

    If you can't pay to read manhwa, Tapas is a good option, as it allows you to read certain titles legally for free and gives you "tapas" of others, to try them out and decide if they're for you. For premium content, you can either pay online or watch videos to earn the right to read more for free.

  2. Tappytoon

    Tappytoon is another excellent option for those looking to get into manhwa. Once again, you are allowed to read the first chapters of most works for free, and from there on, you need to use tokens, purchasable through PayPal.

    Alternatively, Tappytoon allows you to wait for 24 hours for another chapter to become available to you, meaning that you don't necessarily have to pay for the media you consume - though you'd have to be very patient!

    Apart from webtoons, Tappytoon also features web novels.

  3. Webtoon

    Webtoon is one of the most reliable options for those looking to get into Korean webtoons.

    With its massive library, the website is a manhwa-lover's heaven featuring a wide range of genres, from drama to comedy and fantasy to slice of life.

    If you are still learning about different manhwas, Webtoon is ideal, as it lets you read a limited number of free chapters for each completed title, which increases for longer works.

    From there on, you can keep reading for free if you wish, but will only be able to access one new chapter every 24 hours. Daily passes can be kept for up to 14 days, meaning that you can even save them to read more on a certain day if you make sure not to forget about them!

  4. Lezhin Comics

    Lezhin Comics is a relatively more expensive option, as well as a more mature one.

    While the website features all the popular genres, such as fantasy and drama, there's a larger volume of romance options, including Boys Love works and other LGBTQ+ content, as well as some adult works.

    Lenzhin Comics also allows you to read a limited amount of content for free before having to pay an amount that depends on the work you would like to access.

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  5. Toomics

    Toomics might not boast the largest library on this list, it is, however, another decent option to read manhwa online.

    Toomics features a variety of genres, including fantasy works such as Leviathan and Her Summons, horror, like Gorgon, and many more.

    Unlike other websites on this list, Toomics allows users to access all content at once if they choose to purchase a premium membership at $8.99 per month.

  6. Kindle & ComiXology

    Amazon's Kindle might not be the first website or app that comes to mind when you think about reading manhwa, but if there's a specific work or volume you're looking for, you might be in luck!

    Kindle is not the best place to look for obscure Korean works, but if a manhwa is available in print, there's a good chance it can also be purchased for Kindle at a lower price - just type the title you are looking for.

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