The 20 Best Isekai Manga To Read in 2022

The Best Isekai Manga to Read
Credit: Toshiaki Iwashiro / Shueisha

The Best Isekai Manga to Read
Credit: Toshiaki Iwashiro / Shueisha

Manga lovers have long had mixed feelings about the Isekai manga genre. Some are worthwhile reading, while others are not. So, here are the 20 best isekai manga to read in 2022, listed in no particular order.

Not only are the Isekai anime coming out in 2022 taking the anime community by storm, but the genre is also dominating the manga community by amassing a new and loyal readership.

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  1. Red River

    Red River is an isekai manga involving physical and sexual abuse with serious themes. It has a lot of sexual content, so if you don't like seeing these things, I strongly advise you to skip it.

    Red River, despite its flaws, is a good isekai manga that incorporates drama, romance, and historical elements.

    The comic follows 15-year-old Yuri Suzuki, who is pulled by an unknown set of hands to Hattusa, the capital of the Hittite Empire during the Bronze Age.

    Yuri has been subjected to Queen Nakia's wish to have her sacrificed. To stay alive, Yuri becomes the Prince of the Empire's concubine and the people's Ishtar.

  2. The Ride-On King

    The Ride-On King is an isekai manga that combines action, comedy, adventure, and fantasy into one story.

    The manga follows Alexander Plutinov, the President of the Republic of Prussia, who enjoys riding and conquering monsters and machines, among other things.

    Alexander Plutinov is attacked by his adversaries one fateful day. While successfully repelling them, Plutinov is involved in a peculiar accident that sends him to another realm filled with various beasts.

  3. A Veterinarian in Another World

    A Veterinarian in Another World is an isekai manga based on a light novel about the federal veterinarian Shingo Kazami. The Prince of another world summons him to help the people of his land.

    The fantasy world is poor in terms of civilization, science, and medicine, which explains the prince's predicament.

    Shingo, more determined than ever, wants to help people and, despite being a veterinarian, vows to save as many lives as he can.

  4. Sengoku Komachi Kuroutan: Noukou Giga

    Sengoku Komachi Kuroutan: Noukou Giga is an isekai manga that combines elements of slice-of-life, historical, and supernatural narrative. It has themes of agriculture, feudal Japan, time travel, and modern knowledge.

    The manga follows an ordinary girl who is transported back in time to the Sengoku Period. Unlike other people who are isekai'd in another world, the young girl is ordinary and has no powers to help her.

    There is only one thing she can do: she must survive the Sengoku Era on her own!

  5. The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash

    The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash is a comedy and isekai manga that follows the adventures of Ivy, who has been outcast by her family due to her abilities. Ivy, unlike other people in the RPG world, only has the ability to tame weak slimes.

    Ivy began living alone in a nearby forest, but only after she was pursued by people who wanted to kill her. As a result, she decides to travel from town to town, collecting and selling discarded items in order to survive.

    On her journey, Ivy made a new friend in the form of a rare slime named Sora.

  6. An Observation Log of My Fiancee Who Calls Herself a Villainess

    An Observation Log of My Fiancee Who Calls Herself a Villainess is another comedy and isekai manga on the list. The manga contains many nobility and royalty themes, as well as an otome-game vibe.

    Bertia, the daughter of a marquis, is the manga's self-proclaimed villainous heroine. She claims she can recall some memories from a previous life in which she played the role of a villainess in a romance game.

    So, in her new life, she intends to terrorize Prince Cecil's royal engagement in order to achieve her goal and fulfill her role.

  7. Konjiki no Moji Tsukai

    Konjiki no Moji Tsukai is an action-adventure isekai manga about Okamura Hiiro, who is accidentally transported to the Kingdom of the Gabranth with four other heroes.

    Okamura, on the other hand, is unlike the other three. He is not a hero, but rather a bystander dragged into another world after sitting beside them.

    Okamura, who bears the titles Innocent Bystander and Word Master, leaves the kingdom without taking part in the battle between the Gabranth and Evila. Instead, he decides to join an adventurer's guild, believing that his titles will bring him some respect.

  8. Am I Actually the Strongest?

    Am I Actually the Strongest? It is a comedy isekai featuring an overpowered main character. Reinhart is reincarnated in another world with a cheat power in the manga.

    Reinhart, on the other hand, was reborn as a baby in another world, where his royal parents abandoned him to die. They believe Reinhart is a helpless child, which explains why they abandoned him in the face of the world's dangers.

  9. Tricks Dedicated to Witches

    Tricks Dedicated to Witches is an isekai manga that combines adventure, history, and the supernatural. It also includes religious and European themes as well as magical elements.

    The manga follows Harry Makito, a brilliant magician who is reincarnated 400 years earlier in Medieval Europe. Makito died in 2021 after setting fire to himself during his retirement performance.

    Makito is currently in Europe during the Age of Witch Trials. Soon after, Makito uses his magic to fight the Church, which labels women as witches!

  10. Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf!

    Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf! is a reverse isekai manga centered on the protagonist, Kazuhiro Kitase. He is a typical young man whose main pastime is sleeping. In his dreams, he would frequently embark on thrilling journeys from one world to another.

    Kazuhiro is accompanied by a female elf who bonds with him with a dragon's brand as he grows older. When Kazuhiro awakens in the real world, he is surprised to see the elf sleeping next to him!

  11. Valhallian the Black Iron

    Valhallian The Black Iron is unlike any other isekai manga on this list. It's a samurai isekai about Souma Tetsujirou, a Kamakura samurai who survived the Mongolian invasion.

    He found himself in Valhalla, a strange world where the souls of fallen warriors congregate.

    Hirst, a strange girl, brought him to Valhalla, it turns out. Souma, she claims, must fight with dead warriors from various eras in order to be resurrected in the real world.

  12. Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

    Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy is an action-comedy isekai manga about a young boy named Misumi Makoto. After his parents come to an agreement with a goddess, he is transported to another world

    Misumi, on the other hand, vanishes in a desert land after the goddess calls him extremely unattractive.

    Misumi, who is left to fend for himself, begins looking for other people in the deserted land, only to run into non-human creatures.

    Misumi embarks on a new journey with two beautiful women who used to be dragons and spiders, only to be met with one problem after another!

  13. Summoned to a Parallel Fantasy World Many Times

    Summoned to a Parallel Fantasy World Many Times is a unique isekai manga with a unique twist. Takfuji Inori, a carefree and lazy young man, is transported to another world.

    The twist is that he is the only one who is left behind in another world while his classmates are all present in the other.

    Even after becoming accustomed to his new life, Inori is summoned from one world to another by the Goddess of Transmigration. Will it ever be over?

  14. The Faraway Paladin

    One of the most intriguing isekai manga on this list is The Faraway Paladin. It tells the story of William, who is reincarnated in the city of the dead and raised by an unlikely family. A mummy, a skeleton, and a ghost accompany him.

    William recalls a previous life in which he dies alone after living a monotonous life on Earth. He swears not to repeat his previous life and sets out on a new adventure in the city of the dead.

    Along the way, he meets a variety of creatures of various sizes and shapes who teach him how to live his life to the fullest.

  15. The Great Cleric

    The Great Cleric is an isekai manga based on a light novel that follows the main protagonist, Luciel, on his quest to become the greatest cleric ever.

    Luciel is reincarnated in the world of Galdardia after successfully living his previous life to the fullest.

    Luciel became a healer and is attempting to establish himself in the new world. While he is a capable man who understands how to make money, he knows nothing about Galdardia.

  16. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

    Kuma Kuma Bear is another isekai manga with a superpowered main character. Regardless, this isekai manga is one of the cutest to date.

    It follows Yuna, a 15-year-old VRMMO player who prefers to play games and stay at home rather than study.

    The game released a massive update one fateful day, which gave Yuna an unbearably cute wear-in bear suit.

    While she is debating whether or not to equip it, she is transported into the world of sword and sorcery! Yuna's bear suit will be her most powerful weapon in the game!

  17. Psyren

    The manga follows the amazing exploits of high schooler Ageha Yoshina, who becomes entangled in the legendary game of Psyren.

    Ageha inadvertently discovers a red calling card in a deserted phone booth. He believes it has something to do with the game, so he decides to trade information with the fortune teller.

    However, his childhood friend Sakurako vanishes, only to be discovered to have the red calling card as well.

  18. My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending

    My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending is an isekai manga based on a web novel that follows university student Hirasawa Kazuki. For some inexplicable reason, he found himself in possession of a game character's body one fateful day!

    Kazuki assumes the identity of Harold Stokes, the game's most despised character, also known as the King of Trash by many gamers.

  19. Parallel World Pharmacy

    Isekai Yakkyoku is an isekai manga about Yakutani Kanji, a pharmacologist and researcher in Japan who died from overwork. He is reincarnated as Falma de Medisus, a 10-year-old apprentice.

    He worked as an apprentice to a prominent Royal Court pharmacist, where he helped to see diseases, material creation, and destruction through.

    Falma gets to open his own pharmacy in town after being recognized by the Empress.

    His main goal is to eliminate any questionable medical practices, rising drug prices, and medical discrimination that are rampant in the town.

  20. Primitive Boyfriend

    Primitive Boyfriend, perhaps the most strange on the list, is a comedy and isekai manga about interspecies relationships. The manga follows Mito, a young girl who is tired of all the men in her life.

    She is looking for her ideal man among others. Her dream is to be with a tough guy who will defend her at all costs. One day, her wish is granted, and she is transported to a world over 200 million years old.

    In Galhi, she meets a fur-covered caveman who attempts to become her boyfriend!

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