Berserk Chapter 365 Release Date Confirmed: Writers, Spoilers, Reaction

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Berserk Chapter 365 Release Date Confirmed: Writers, Predictions & Spoilers

Just as Berserk fans were coming to terms with the possibility that the series will never be finished, the hit dark fantasy manga is now returning. Here’s everything you need to know about the hugely-anticipated Berserk Chapter 365, including release date, writers, predictions and spoilers.

Berserk Chapter 365: Who Will Write the Manga?

Berserk Chapter 365 Release Date Confirmed: Writers
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It has been confirmed that Berserk will return with Chapter 365, created by Kentaro Miura’s assistants and overseen by mangaka Kouji Mori.

Kentaro Miura, the original creator and mangaka behind Berserk, passed away in May 2021, aged 54. Since then, it had not been confirmed if Berserk would be finished or who would write Berserk going forward.

Publisher Hakusensha has now confirmed that Berserk will resume with the following credit:

“Original work by Kentaro Miura, Manga by Studio Gaga, Supervised by Kouji Mori”

Studio Gaga is Miura’s studio, under which sat his assistants and others working on Berserk. Therefore, the manga will be continued by the team that worked on Berserk previously.

Kouji Mori is a mangaka best known for Holyland, a psychological martial arts manga. More importantly, he is a close friend of Kentaro Miura and previously shared many conversations with Berserk’s creator about the story.

The statement by Hakusensha explains that, while there are no leftover manuscripts by Miura, he did talk about how he wanted the story to end, both to Mori and his assistants.

Berserk Chapter 365 Release Date

Berserk Chapter 365 Release Date Confirmed
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Berserk Chapter 365 will be published in this year’s 13th issue of Young Animal magazine, released on June 24.

It's also been revealed that chapter 366 will be released alongside chapter 365 this week in a double-header.

Young Animal is the magazine in which Berserk has been published since 1992. Previously, it had been published in the discontinued magazine Monthly Animal House.

It’s not been confirmed when the chapter will be available to read legally in English.

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Berserk Chapter 365 & 366 Spoilers

Berserk Chapter 365 Release Date Confirmed: Predictions & Spoilers
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Despite not being officially released until tomorrow, copies of Berserk Chapters 365 and 366 have been released online and the response is wholly positive.

Many fans are noting that, despite a slight reduction in art quality, it's still notably better than most manga out there. Overall, the new chapters feel very much like a continuation of Miura's story, much to fans' delight.

Hakusensha has stated the next few chapters will conclude the Fantasia Arc and Elf Island Chapter.

The plan is for six chapters to be published to conclude the current arc and chapter. After this, a new arc will begin.

It was expected by some – including myself – that the new chapters would be pretty slow at first, as the team tries to find their feet. However, fans' reaction suggests the opposite.


First of all, we were hit with the surprise of having two chapters in one issue. Then, many fans noted that, if anything, they felt a little rushed and could have potentially been classed as one large chapter.

It will be interesting to see if this pace is kept going forward – we'll be following the latest news and reaction here at Epicstream!

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