Ben Affleck Shock: Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend Caught Her Flirting With Marry Me Co-Star? Tender Bar Actor Allegedly Gave Maluma, Owen Wilson An Ultimatum

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are in love. In fact, during one of the latter’s interviews to promote Marry Me, it was revealed that Affleck visited Lopez on set.

The couple reportedly shared a sweet and tender moment with each other while the team looked on. But behind closed doors, there are claims that Affleck and Lopez’s relationship isn’t as perfect and peaceful as it seems to be.

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Ben Affleck Jealous Of Jennifer Lopez’s, Maluma’s Flirty Relationship

Globe, in its Feb. 28 issue, claimed that Ben Affleck is one jealous boyfriend. But he’s allegedly got every reason to doubt Lopez because he saw her flirting with her co-star, Maluma.

An unnamed source claimed that Affleck was also reeling over the fact that Lopez and Maluma spent a couple of days together while promoting their movie.

“It was only a three or four-day trip but J.Lo was with Maluma a lot and they’ve got a real connection, which gets under Ben’s skin. They’re very touchy-feely, have all these inside jokes and J.Lo goes on about him like he’s some type of artistic genius who’s got it all and how lucky his girlfriend is,” the unnamed source said.


Jennifer Lopez Wanted To Be Close To Maluma, Not Ben Affleck

The unnamed source claimed that Affleck isn’t usually the type to get jealous because he’s confident when it comes to what he brings to the table. However, he felt negatively towards Lopez and Maluma’s close bond because it made him feel less alpha.

“Plus, J.Lo’s made it worse by telling him to go and stay in a hotel or make himself busy while she did her thing with Maluma. Jennifer definitely runs the show. She has Ben up at dawn every day hitting the gym. She’s totally revamped his entire wardrobe and he’s given up all his bad habits for her. As much as Ben hates seeing a young guy like Maluma flirting with his woman, it’s also sparked his competitive side. There’s no way he’s going to let this punk win,” the unnamed source concluded.


Ben Affleck Jealous Of Owen Wilson

Woman’s Day, in its Feb. 28 issue, also published a similar claim about Affleck and Lopez. But this time around, the publication insisted that the Batman v Superman actor is jealous of Lopez’s other co-star, Owen Wilson, and not Maluma.


An unnamed source said that Affleck even went as far as confronting Wilson and telling him to stay away from Lopez.

“Ben isn’t happy about this giggly friendship that’s transpired from Jen and Owen playing an onscreen couple. He kept popping up on set to check in on them, and if he saw Jen and Owen goofing off together, he had a face like thunder. He made it clear that Jen and Owen’s friendship wasn’t to continue off-set,” the unnamed source claimed.

The unnamed source also alleged that Affleck and Wilson have always disliked each other even if they previously teamed up in Armageddon.

“Ben takes himself very seriously and he thought Owen was a total cowboy. Owen thought Ben needed to lighten up. Their tension isn’t helped by the fact that J.Lo seems to get on with Owen like a house on fire,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Ben Affleck Jealousy Rumors Have Been Going Around For Years

Throughout the past couple of years, Affleck has always been accused of being jealous, but no one has ever been able to prove their claims.


There are also instances wherein sources suggest that other people get jealous of Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband.

Last year, Us Weekly claimed that Alex Rodriguez was jealous of Affleck and Lopez’s reunion because he was hoping to still reconcile with his ex.

“Alex was jealous that Jen and Ben were seeing each other. He’s still holding out hope they can reconcile,” a source said.

Years ago, a source claimed that Affleck also became jealous of Lopez’s popularity at one point.

“Ben’s ego is bigger than hers,” the source said.

However, it is important to note that none of these claims have been proven.

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