Avatar: The Last Airbender Easter Egg Spotted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Avatar: The Last Airbender and Star Wars are two of the most revered franchises in pop-culture today, and though the franchises couldn't be further apart, there's actually one small ATLA Easter Egg that's been spotted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

As pointed out by ScreenRant, one of the clone commanders of the 501st Legion has marking on his helmet resembling Aang's signature arrow, and what's more, this commander is named Appo—one letter away from Appa, the name of Aang's flying bison.

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Credit: Cartoon Network

Commander Appo in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Credit: Nickelodeon

Appa in Avatar: The Last Airbender

While some may think that this could just be a coincidence, it's also worth noting that The Clone Wars showrunner Dave Filoni, had worked on The Last Airbender before he had gone on to work on Star Wars. Filoni had been the director for episodes like The Blue Spirit as well as the season one finale The Siege of the North, both parts 1 and 2.

Though it's interesting that Clone Wars would reference ATLA, it's worth noting that Airbender had already gotten some Star Wars Easter Eggs jammed into its own show. Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill provides the voice of Firelord Ozai, and Aang's entire story with the guru in Season 2 was ripped right out of Empire Strikes Back when Aang decides to stop training to save his friends; just like Luke did with Yoda.

It's a pretty neat Easter Egg, and I'm sure that there are more to be spotted down the line. In the meantime, you can check out Clone Wars on Disney+ and The Last Airbender on Netflix.

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