Avatar 3 RELEASE DATE: When Will It Come Out?

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The Avatar 2 trailer has dropped! After years of delays since discussions about the sequel commenced, Avatar 3 is already in the cards for the not-so-far future. Other than the cast, release date, and very minimal plot information, we currently have little information about Avatar 2 so the third installment pretty much remains a mystery, but the careful planning of not two, but four sequels, suggest that the team is serious about bringing Pandora back to our screens. So, when will Avatar 3 be released?

Avatar 3 Release Date

Following the confirmation of the 16th of December 2022 as the release date of Avatar 2 – which is currently not known by any other title – it was revealed that Avatar 3 is going to be released on the 20th of December 2024. In fact, all the Avatar sequels have been scheduled for mid/late December releases, making this a true Christmas business.


Of course, given all the delays the franchise has faced so far, it's normal for fans to not completely trust these release dates. While there's no 100% certain way to guarantee no additional delays, the team seems to be genuinely trying, and all official film databases provide the dates above as more or less locked, so fans can only wait and hope.

Avatar 3: What Will It Be About?

Many main characters of Avatar will make it into the second film, but as for the third, we're treading into muddy waters. We can't know if Avatar 3 will be about the same cast of characters, as this will largely depend on whether they're still alive and whether the creators will decide to follow the same timeline or a completely different concept that just happens to take place in Pandora.


To be frank, while Avatar (2009) was fair for its day and made history as one of the first 3D films, it hasn't aged particularly well, for all its box office success. The idea of a fantastic race resembling indigenous populations in America and elsewhere and having to be saved by a white man, no less, is a tired trope that we should see less and less in fantasy as we understand more about the need for decolonization.

Moreover, Jake's disability as something to be escaped didn't sit well with viewers who would rather see disabled characters in fantasy manage to do great things with, rather than in spite of their disability. Of course, we have not even seen Avatar 2, so it's early to draw conclusions, but if the franchise wants to remain relevant, the sequels have to, and hopefully will do better.

In any case, the rigid timeline for the Avatar sequels is good news for many fans who have waited for years, and we expect to hear much more about Avatar 3 as the time draws near.

The Avatar 2 release date is set for December 16, 2022.