Avatar 2: Zoe Saldaña Moved To Tears After Watching The Teaser of James Cameron's Highly-Anticipated Sequel

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After more than a decade, the highly-anticipated James Cameron's Avatar sequel will be one of the highlights for this year's film slate. 2009's Avatar broke records as one of the biggest box-office hits in the history of cinema, even after a decade, the film still sits as the number 1 highest-grossing film. James Cameron's Avatar also revolutionized the use of CGI in Hollywood.


The Avatar sequel was delayed multiple times due to filming and writing conflicts the production had to endure and fans thought that the sequel might not happen, however, after a decade of waiting, the director finally announced an official release date that is set for December of 2022, with Cameron confirming that three more sequels will follow.

In an interview with Kevin McCarthy, Zoe Saldaña who plays Neytiri in the film revealed that seeing 20 minutes of Avatar 2 moved her to tears. Saldaña says that this happened 'right before the year ended last year' and admitted that the 20 minutes scene left her speechless, with Cameron being also moved to tears.

Saldaña explained, "I can get choked up just talking about it, because I was able to see just 20 minutes of the second installment right before the year ended, last year. And I was speechless, I was moved to tears. One thing nobody really knows about Jim [Cameron] is that Jim is also a big crier, so... [laughs] [...] This story is going to be compelling. Avatar 2 is definitely a leap from the Avatar 1, so I think you really have to brace yourself for it, but it's going to be an adventure you will not forget."

Saldaña also revealed that Cameron has spent years working with the technology that would surpass 2009's stunning cinematography and visual effects. The actress also teases the audience on how the sequel's underwater scene is James Cameron''s biggest technological advancement in his history of filmmaking.

It is good to know that Avatar 2 is keeping up with the audience and how they are eager to surpass Avatar 1's success. Filming a sequel for the number one highest-grossing film comes with heavy pressure for the production team and the actors, fortunately, this teaser from Saldaña seems to validate that the sequel will be much better than the first film.

Avatar 2 will premiere in theaters on December 16, 2022.

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