ASTRO Sanha Deemed Among Most Fashionable Member in the Group

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ASTRO Sanha has worn various outfits and ensembles since he debuted as a K-pop idol. Fans have also seen how his style and fashion sense have evolved over the years.

But, aside from avid followers, the idol's co-members have witnessed, as well, his interest in fashion. Cha Eun Woo even previously talked about the matter during a 2021 engagement with ESQUIRE Korea.


The discussion over the subject came after the True Beauty actor, alongside co-members JinJin and MJ, responded to the question of which of them is the "most fashionable" member of the group.

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ASTRO Sanha As One Of The "Most Fashionable" Members

The eldest of the act, MJ, was the first to answer the question. He said that it was "not easy to pick one person in particular" because they all have different styles and fashion senses, noting that each has improved this aspect over the years.


But, Cha Eun Woo jokingly dismissed his hyung and stated that individuals who respond the way MJ did "are not very fashionable." This led him and JinJin to reveal that the oldest member and Moonbin do not really care much about fashion.

The My ID Is Gangnam Beauty star continued that it is he, JinJin, and Sanha who are more into fashion. He shared that the three of them "always had interest" in it.

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A Look At Some Of Sanha's "Gorgeous" Outfits

There is no clear information with regard to Sanha's signature style and fashion sense. But, Pinkvilla previously released a piece, listing some of the idol's "gorgeous" ensembles over the years.


The list features some of the ASTRO member's iconic sartorial pieces. While a few appear to be casual items, others are smarter and sleeker.

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Dressing Like ASTRO

On Instagram, avid fans and followers appear to have created an account, showcasing Sanha and his co-members' outfits and ensembles.

The feed, which carries the handle, "astrofashion_aroha," houses nearly 2,400 posts, featuring various sartorial pieces the ASTRO members have worn. Each photo also shows the details of the items, including brands and prices.

Watch this space for more ASTRO Sanha news.

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