Ant-Man 3: New Report Spoils Paul Rudd's Fate Amid Concerns of MCU Exit

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Credit: Marvel Studios

I think most of us can agree that while the Ant-Man franchise has no shortage of fun and humor, the fact that it takes itself less seriously compared to other Marvel Cinematic Universe films is its major drawback. Thankfully, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania will raise the stakes for our pint-sized heroes with the grand arrival of Kang the Conqueror to the billion-dollar franchise.

Paul Rudd
Credit: Marvel Studios

Kang is the Multiverse Saga's biggest threat and for months now, fans have grown increasingly concerned with the fate of the Avengers, especially Scott Lang who is given the unenviable task of squaring off against the multiverse traversing baddie.

Paul Rudd has been part of the MCU for close to ten years now and considering his Avengers co-stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Scarlett Johansson all departed from the franchise following their lengthy tenures, it seems like the 53-year-old star will follow suit.

In case you were worried about whether Scott dies in Quantumania, a new report from The Hollywood Reporter pretty much confirms that Rudd will be sticking around until at least the next two Avengers films.

The outlet's latest feature, which discusses the 100 most powerful women in the movie-making business, including showbiz lawyer Deborah Klein who represents both Rudd and Samuel L. Jackson sheds new light on the Ant-Man actor's status.

The report reads: "Klein’s ever-prolific client Samuel L. Jackson continues his Marvel run with Secret Invasion and The Marvels, as does Paul Rudd with more Ant-Man and Avengers."

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I've always seen Scott Lang as the most underrated hero in the MCU and it's great that Marvel Studios is finally giving him the attention he so rightfully deserves. And considering Ant-Man has always been a core member of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, it makes logical sense for him to join his teammates in the multiversal war.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is slated to hit cinemas on February 17, 2023.